39-07 Prince Street is a structure located in the Flushing community in Queens, NY. 39-07 Prince Street was built in 2001 and also has 6 stories and also 47 units.

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Building Facts

Facts 6 storiesBuilt in 2001
Building Class RC advertising Condo building (RC)
District Community district 407City Council district 20Police Precinct 109
Documents and also Permits 54 documents and also permits
1 previous revenue ($1,382 every ft² avg, $2,790,000 avg price)
6 previous rentals ($49 per ft² avg, $2,566 avg price)


7 at main St

under 500 feet

in ~ Flushing

0.11 miles

7 at Willets suggest

0.78 miles

at Mets-Willets point

0.79 miles

at Murray Hill

0.94 miles

check out subway currently on Google Maps
P.S. 020 man Bowne (PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE) J.H.S. 189 Daniel Carter moustache (06,07,08,SE) Flushing High school (09,10,11,12,SE)
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Flushing Greens

0.26 miles

Daniel Carter beard Mall

0.32 miles

Maple Playground

0.39 miles

Lewis H Latimer House

0.47 miles

Flushing meadows Corona Park

0.48 miles


Bowne House

0.44 miles

Kingsland Homestead

0.5 miles

Queens Museum of Art

1.22 miles

New York room of Science

1.34 miles



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