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David Mcdonald

Age 69(February 1952)


Married toBonita S Mcdonald(64)

(850) 438-1660 - Home/LandLine Phone

(850) 712-0665 - Wireless

6813 White Oak DrPensacola, FL 32503-7569

Previous Addresses

Home address, vacation, business, rental and also apartment home addresses for DavidPo Box, Pensacola, FL 32513- report in December 2004(1 year)Po Box, Pensacola, FL 32505- reported in October 1999(1 year)
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David is 69 year old and was born in February 1952. David at this time lives at 6813 White Oak Dr in Pensacola, FL and also has lived there for around 1 year. Friend can contact David in ~ the email tr********8 or call number (850) 438-1660.

David is believed to it is in married to Bonita S Mcdonald.

David is recognized to have actually previously offered or be linked with the following names or aliases: Dave M Mcdonald, David M Bonita Mcdonald, David M Mc, David M Mc Donald, David M Mcdonald.David is believed to be related to the adhering to people: Anthony C Mcgrew SR, Bette C Aikin, Bonita S Mcdonald, Brittany p Mckay, Brittany Patricia Mckay.David is thought to it is in friends, associates or coworkers v the following people: Andrea l Putfark, Ann E Quina, Clarence R Quina, Consuela J Moyers, David B Gillespie.

David has actually lived in ~ the complying with previous addresses: 6425 Lynnwood Cir in Milton, FL, 6448 Gaynell Ave in Milton, FL, 4508 Elm Tree Dr in Milton, FL.

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David has the complying with other email addresses: da*******1 has actually been attached to complying with other phone call numbers: LandLine at (850) 479-4374, LandLine at (850) 476-1568, Wireless in ~ (850) 712-0665

David is well-known to be connected with the following businesses: A BOOGIE in ~ at 6813 White Oak Dr Pensacola FL 32503 , FLORIDA info RADIO inc at 8219 PO crate PENSACOLA FL 32505 , MARDI GRAS PENSACOLA, in ~ at 6813 White Oak Dr Pensacola FL 32503 , PHOTO switch INC in ~ 1313 Ariola Dr Pensacola beach FL 32561 , PHOTO switch INC in ~ 1313 Ariola Dr Pensacola beach FL 32561 .

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