Founders sports Park Farmington Hills review, pics, and info because that Farmington Hills sports Park, Riley ice scating Park, and Farmington Hills ice cream Arena all situated at one location on the north side of 8 Mile Rd just eastern of Halsted in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Founders sporting activities Park and its functions are every operated and also maintained through the City the Farmington Hills. Like legacy Park, The City of Farmington Hills uses Founders generally for parks and rec programs.

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Founders sporting activities Park Farmington Hills

The Founders sports Park complicated sits on over 100 acre of floor that includes Riley ice skating Park, the Farmington Hills ice Arena, key golf, a /75 mile fitness trail, concessions, contemporary restrooms, and a picnic area. The strong fields and ice arena are heavily used through the Farmington Hills Special solutions (Parks & Rec department). In spite of the size and sheer number of amenities on the complex, that is really easy to locate and also park close to whichever task or field you’re going to it is in attending. The park is exceptionally well “thought out” in terms of the layout and convenience. Parking is a breeze, also on busy evenings at co-founder with several activities. Co-founder was built with the mindset of “providing families, especially teens, to have actually a location to go, every year around, prefer the shopping mall or movies”. Mission accomplished. Co-founder is extremely teen-friendly. I’ll explain below.

Founders sporting activities Park Farmington Hills Pics

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Founders sports Park Farmington Hills Features

Riley ice skating ParkFarmington Hills ice cream Arena“The Farm” bowl Golf Course.75 hiking Trail6 football Fields8 Baseball / soft ball Diamonds4 Sand Volleyball Courts2 Half-Court Basketball Courts1 Bocce round Court1 Shuffle plank Court

Riley skate Park Farmington Hills

Riley ice skating Park is a 29,000 concrete ice skating park near the west enntrance gate of Founders sporting activities Park. The layout is of the course is designed for skaters the all skill levels and there is many of places to watch. Skateboard legend Tony eagle has even visited Riley ice skating Park! Every time I have visited the ice scating park, I’ve viewed a lot of activity. It’s a great, judgment-free place for teens and also I regularly see children helping others and also teaching them come skate.

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Farmington Hills ice cream Arena

Farmington Hills ice Arena is a 70,000 square-foot facility through 2 rinks and a seating capacity of end 1200. The location is used for pickup hockey, youth league and also high school hockey, open up skating, skating lessons, number skating clubs, and also learn to skate programs with the FH Special services Department. The second floor the the Farmington Hills ice Arena is home to Club second Floor – a oversaw after college hangout for teens that has board games, video clip games, books, foosball tables, soft drinks, and more. It’s the nicest rec room I’ve to be in and has great views the the ice cream rinks below. Club 2nd Floor at the Farmington Hills ice Arena has even been recognized to organize music top top Friday and Saturday nights.


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