This page offers details on Constellation Room, situated at 3503 S harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704, joined States.

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Place Name Constellation Room
Average Rating 4.2 (7 ratings)
Place Address 3503 S harbor BlvdSanta AnaCA 92704United claims
Vicinity 3503 south Harbor Boulevard, Santa Ana
Phone Number (714) 957-0600
International Phone +1 714-957-0600
Place Type point_of_interest, facility

Location Information

Full Address 3503 S port Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United claims
Street Number 3503
Route southern Harbor Boulevard (S harbor Blvd)
Locality Santa Ana
Administrative Area Level 1 California (CA)
Country United states (US)
Postal Code 92704
Type point_of_interest, establishment
Latitude 33.6998594
Longitude 33.6998594
Geo Location (33.6998594, -117.9176001)


★★★★☆ Walter Macalma

I can kind of know why you called it the Galaxy room, yet then again not really. Galaxy" and also even the newer name Constellation room massive and also not tiny and also intimate the way this place it. Left the the entrance and also last the toilets on the right it" perfect because that seeing not just smaller bands, however bands that don" require much. Acoustic performances or anything where the artist aren" moving about too much. Some rock and also rappers space flying all over bringing an uncomfortable level of energy. Bright is an excellent and the sound native the key room don" normally drown it it, unless it" yes, really cracking, however the sound functions in conjunction for this reason the artist don" have last say on things choose at part places.It" easy to enter and also leave and never really overbooked so your not in danger for getting smooshed in a mosh pit. I" walk to compose to around both Constellation and Observatory since they both have actually accounts.Staff is generally cool. I" to be able to bend a few rules here and there. Toilets are type of a bummer, mostly due to the fact that the children trash it. Prices room inexpensive contrasted to various other venues, but drinks for once you have a wrist tape for an every ages present are expensive. $9 for a modello tall box, $9 for a PBR tall boy (not that ns would ever before drink that). $7 for some pseudo handmade IPA" and also breweries space a decent deal. The drinks are ok, not strong like people say, yet I feel like they aren" good quality. Ns go with a couple of fingers neat because I uncovered their Vodka Tonics to be bland and also their rum & coke space bitter. They have to clean your lines.Parking suck unless you come early and also the popularity of the bands playing. Light is pretty great for some pano shots or from much away, however get washed the end if your close come the stage. Same thing v the monitoring Room.Protip: walk to package office in human to avoid any added will call and also printing fees. At sight duper protip, uber/lyft it. I" close sufficient to occupational where it" about the very same price as paying teh $10 overflow parking.


★★★★☆ Michael N

My favorite venue in southern California. An excellent sound. Decently priced drinks. Really an excellent food. Great bands. Parking is quite easy even though you should pay because that it. The bouncers deserve to be a little excessive but I" never had a significant issue.


★★★★★ Stephanie Han

one of my pure favorite venues WITHIN one more favorite venue. It" prefer musical inception! It" tiny yet that to me is its biggest charm; I" been able to obtain REALLY close (once almost got kneed in the face by Jon Spencer) to some of my favorite performers and it" awesome. While your light setup isn" as an intricate as the big space, the sound is great and the bar heat isn" generally too poor after the early rush. If you desire to gain really close to the stage, be certain to obtain there early on OR you have the right to just it is in a dick and push your means to the front, as some civilization are wont to do.




★★☆☆☆ Javer Terrazas

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