Building Facts

Building Class J8 Multi-Motion snapshot Theatre (J8)
Documents and also Permits 3 documents and permits
2 vault rentals ($2,587 avg price)

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C E at 50th St

under 500 feet

1 in ~ 50th St

0.19 miles

N R W in ~ 49th St

0.24 miles

A C E at 42nd St-Port authority Bus Terminal

0.27 miles

B D E at 7th Av

0.27 miles

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Disclaimer: college attendance zone borders are no guaranteed come be specific – lock are noted by a third party and also subject to change. Check with the applicable institution district prior to making a decision based on these boundaries.

Mandl college of ally Health

0.25 miles

New York Graduate school of Psychoanalysis

0.43 miles

Bard university Graduate Center

0.44 miles

Christie's Education

0.44 miles

CUNY Graduate school of Journalism

0.49 miles


Clinton ar Garden

0.21 miles

Hell's Kitchen Park

0.26 miles

Father Duffy Square

0.28 miles

Central Park

0.47 miles

Bryant Park

0.58 miles


Discovery times Square Exposition

0.35 miles

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

0.43 miles

Rose Museum in ~ Carnegie Hall

0.44 miles

Museum of arts & architecture (MAD)

0.45 miles

International facility of Photography

0.49 miles


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