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Palace 17 & Odyssey Theater

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Bow Tie Cinema City at the Palace

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My friends and I have gone to Bow Tie on brand-new Park top top weekends and also during the week due to the fact that it opened and also occasionally ns go by myself. We have actually never had a problem. Parking is convenient and also they display a nice range of films. The employee is helpful. We room mostly an elderly citizens so execute not go to the Saturday 9:00 pm shows really often so ns cannot speak to those.I choose the place, an excellent place to satisfy friends from somewhere else in the area, practically to 84.

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I like to walk to Blue back Square, Bloomfield or Plainville over this theatre. This is nice and large and lots of movie choices, however like others have said, the employee isn"t constantly pleasant - Gingerkiss, yes, they must be nice, that"s their job too. For this reason what if they have to clean and serve popcorn. Shouldn"t work-related with client if they can"t be pleasant. Management"s fault because that hiring and also not cultivate well. If lock offered an ext $$ per hour, they"d probably obtain a far better pool that employees.

This theater does not have the many polite or educated job-related staff however do they have to? this folks sweep, scoop up popcorn, clean crud off the floor and also hand you a receipt. Lock don"t need to be nice world - they simply need to speak spanish (and english is a plus). No the finest neighborhood yet not the worst either. The customers who visit this theater can be just as negative as the civilization who job-related here; hollering through the whole movie, talking on your cell phones, young girls starting fights with senior citizens - not a good place to be in the dark. I won"t go to this theater uneven my son goes through me; that is 26, 5" 10"" and also 190 pounds the muscle. The movies readily available are the same as every various other theater. The highest price I"ve seen is $11. Currently I just get Netflix.

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I live a brief distance native this theater, yet I choose to drive to various other locations. The employees space apathetic at best, and also at worst hostile. I tried to usage a gift certificate for the Crown Theater; ns wasn"t aware they"d readjusted hands. The human being selling tickets really rudely called me these were worthless, and also tossed castle in prior of me. The clientele isn"t much better, castle are mainly young, loud and also rude. Just not an exciting environment.

I provided to walk to this theater quite often when it went by the surname of ""Crown"" since of the good matinee values (prices went increase under brand-new management, but they may still it is in slightly less than some other nearby theaters). Just last weekend i went there and also when I come out, my auto smashed right into with items stolen (thousands more in loss to the vehicle than the items to be worth). Theater management were unresponsive and would not even lend me a broom come clean out glass from the seats. Together I left the parking lot, ns realized what a poor choice I made. There were various other parking spaces through constellations the telltale broken autoglass indicating that break-ins are common there. The manager confessed the his vehicle was also broken right into there. Other poor signs were the world going come this theater with tinted vehicle windows, according to rap music, and trash littered everywhere. Hartford Police weren"t very interested one of two people - my guess is the they have actually a lot more serious crimes to deal with. This experience shows how important it is to it is in alert come one"s surroundings and also avoid problem areas. Strangely, i actually had actually an uneasy feeling prior to going right into the movie however I ignored it. Following time I"ll to trust my instincts. I am thankful that at least I wasn"t hurt. Walking forward i will absolutely be happy come pay greater ticket prices for more safety. An excellent Luck!