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MUST it is in AT the very least 18.PLEASE apply AT THE front OFFICE OR SEND RESUME with THE email US connect ON OUR home PAGE.

We will certainly be having our nextadult skate on Tuesday, September 21st from8pm to 10pm.Admission prices are the same as our consistent session.Mustbe 21 or older.ID will certainly be checked.Noalcoholallowed!

Hope to watch you here!

WE space STILL request MASKS.SPECTATORS will BE fee $2 due to the fact that THEY COUNT towards OUR OCCUPANCY RATE. WE space STILL no AT full CAPACITY at THIS TIME. IF YOU are WEARING our SKATES, SOCKS room REQUIRED. IF friend FORGET castle WE have SOME easily accessible TO acquisition FOR $3 at THE OFFICE.

WE have actually STARTED our SKATE lessons AGAIN ~ above SATURDAY"S native 12PM-1PM. PRICE IS $15, WHICH has QUAD ice skating RENTAL and LESSONS. THIS ALSO enables YOU come STAY and PRACTICE during OUR open up SESSION. IF YOU want TO use INLINE, IT will certainly BE an additional $3. IF YOU need to USE A WALKER, THOSE are ALSO secondary $3. THIS IS A GROUP setup AND IS FOR any kind of AGE come ATTEND. NO appointments NEEDED, JUST present UP in ~ THE DOOR.

Come skate with us! yes we are open!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Closed

Tuesday -Closed (private parties)

Wednesday - closed (Derby practice)

Thursday -Closed(private parties)

Friday - 6-10 pm

Saturday - 1-9 pm

Sunday - 2-5 pm

Skate Rental and also Admission

If you have your own skates join is $8.00

Quad Skates Rental & join is $10.00 per person

Inline ice skating Rental & admission is $13.00 every person

Spectator- $2.00

We carry out accept credit transaction cards and Apple Pay

Please monitor our websitefor ours special events or sessions.

Thank girlfriend for your patience,continued business, and also support.

No outside food or drinks!

If you space having difficulties booking a party, please call 469-243-3719. If nobody answers please leave a message. If you perform not acquire a response back within 48 hours, please shot calling again. We have actually been besieged by the variety of calls we space getting, therefore again please keep trying.



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Book your Parties beforehand to obtain the time girlfriend want!

The occasion Coordinator can answer your questions,and make transforms to your party. You have the right to either text or call the occasion Coordinator at 469-243-3719.

Book your Party Today!


3200 Thunderbird Lane

Plano, Texas 75075



Thunderbird has been a Plano legacy for over 48 years and also is household owned and operated. We are committed to keeping the fun environment that so countless have appreciated over the years and then some!

At Thunderbird we occupational to carry out a fun, safe and also friendly ar for human being of all eras to enjoy some good recreation. Even if it is you love this previous time activity or simply want to acquire some exercise, roller skating is funny for everyone. Us welcome both quad skaters and inline skaters alike.

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We have actually updated the snack bar food selection with some new food choices. We also now have actually redemption gamings &fresh baked pizza.