This page provides details on Richmond Rod & Gun Club, located at 3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond, CA 94801, United States.

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Place Name Richmond Rod & Gun Club
Average Rating 4.2 (19 ratings)
Place Address 3155 Goodrick AveRichmondCA 94801United States
Vicinity 3155 Goodrick Avenue, Richmond
Phone Number (510) 620-9519
International Phone +1 510-620-9519
Place Type point_of_interest, establishment
Opening Hours Monday: ClosedTuesday: ClosedWednesday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMThursday: ClosedFriday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMSaturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMSunday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location Information

Full Address 3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond, CA 94801, United States
Street Number 3155
Route Goodrick Avenue (Goodrick Ave)
Locality Richmond
Administrative Area Level 1 California (CA)
Country United States (US)
Postal Code 94801
Type point_of_interest, establishment
Latitude 37.9780675
Longitude 37.9780675
Geo Location (37.9780675, -122.3667198)


★★★★★ B wane

It"s one of the last decent ranges still operating. I"m African American and they treat me great every time I go. My only gripe is that they should stay open later during the summer time. People give it bad reviews because it"s big boy rules there. I would recommend this range.

★★★★☆ Joe A

I have been coming here for the past couple of months. I live in the east bay and I"m a member of Twin Sisters gun club in Fairfield where I work but that place is a bit of a hassle to get to when I just want to get off a few rounds on my days off. So I"ve been going here. I think the staff are great and very nice and the range has a lot of regulars. I just wish they were open more days and they had a visual and/or a louder buzzer to signal shooters. I have hearing loss and wear double ear protection and don"t always hear the range master announcements and rely on observing the other shooters to see what"s up. But other than that this is a convenient place for me to shoot. They also sell 9mm ammo cheaper than outside stores.

★★☆☆☆ 09dery

Range is decent but the employees are extremely rude and I believe they are slightly racist. Basically they don"t really care for the African American Community

★☆☆☆☆ Amanda Hall

I called and tried to talk to the owner or manager and the person who answered the phone was terribly rude. It was 3:55pm and they closed at 4:00pm. He clearly should not have answered the call, because his customer service was severely lacking.

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★★★★☆ Miles Digby

Great club in a niece location. The Clay shoot gun range is actually on the Bay itself like the Berkeley Marina. Newest part of club I believe.Nicest members as well as non-members I have ever been around. Most family"s I have ever seen at one club. The people on the line helped me and I in turn helped them out.Big downer Pistol range is very far away, to far away for me to tell if I had hit the target even with cheap binoculars? Shocked they did not have a 7 yard,15 yard,50 yard setup.The rifle range was 100 yards only! I was shooting a 1903 Springfield with terrible sights.If this was going to be your first range give it a try out. Hopefully they have fixed the very fixable problems.Absolutely the nicest and most helpful staff. I was shocked when I found out they were all volunteer.Range Master was not a huge jerk. Which is bizarre .