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A quick question for the specialists. I bought some acme .309 155 grain pills. Just looking for plinking rounds for the boys through my marlin 336. I thought I had fill data, but can"t find it. These are lubed lead with out a gas examine. Was hoping to use w748 yet open up to alternatives.Thanks

I checked LoadData and also tright here are no loads utilizing that powder noted. OTOH, tright here are rather a few noted using various other powders.

The widespread reloading manuals are regularly rather skimpy on cast bullet data. I checked some much less widespread resources. RCBS Cast Bullet Manual lists a 148 gr. bullet (30-150-FN) loaded over 32 grains of W748 for 2054fps, beginning with 30 gr for 1902fps. The hand-operated additionally argues W748 at charges of 28 - 30gr for a 175 gr bullet. Velocities for the 175 were 1726 to 1856. That need to give you a ballpark beginning pack for your 150s. The Lyguy 50th Ed. hand-operated mirrors lots making use of W748, but through 170+ gr. bullets.Hope that helps.

What sort of pistol powder execute you have? If you searching for general plinking loads than Unique, Red Dot, or 2400 are wonderful. Like shooting a 22 Magnum.
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simple base bulallows are best kept below 1200 fps.think even more alengthy the lines of a 357 and not a 30-30.attempt 7 grs of red-dot, green-dot, distinctive, or 700-X for around 11-1200 fps.I deserve to offer you information for W-748 yet you will not prefer the results or cleaning the an aside for future really want .310 or .311 diameter bullets to avoid leading and for much better accuracy.
The 748 I"ve tried did not work well. What carry out you suggest for 700x. Do you put filler in through that bit powder?Many kind of many thanks to all.

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I have actually never before offered 700x and also nor have actually I provided a filler. I"ve used unique almost specifically for the light plinking tons.
A quick question for the experts. I bought some acme .309 155 grain pills. Just looking for plinking rounds for the boys via my marlin 336. I believed I had fill information, yet can not find it. These are lubed lead with out a gas examine. Was hoping to usage w748 however open to options.Thanks
Sorry I"m late. Plus 1 on R5R"s advice. Use the fattest bullet that will certainly reliably function in your rifle. With pistol/shotgun powders a plain base bullet is fine. I save PB lots listed below 1200 fps, greatly because I use those for little game, and also varmint manage. They also do not lead the bore as poor at 1100fps. For rounds in the 1400-1600 fps variety, I use gas checked bulallows, with Unique or Blue Dot. For the 1600-2400 fps range, I usage jacketed data. My favorite fill for 160-190 gr actors bulallows is 30.0gr IMR-4350. For your bulallows Red Dot 6.0 gr, Environment-friendly Dot 6.5 gr, Unique 7.0 gr. I don"t issue around bullet hardness as long as the bullet is a snug fit. This is all based upon individual experience, so it"s worth as much as the paper it"s composed on. Go to the GMDR site and also use the Oregon Trail information. It"s safe to usage the heavier bullet data for a lighter bullet. www.GMDR.comSent from my VS880 using Tapatalk