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When you reduced your hair frequently, it requires a the majority of time and costs you money to visit the barber. Sometimes you room not satisfied with your haircut, and also you great to customize that on her own. 

If you desire your hair to it is in professionally reduced at home and no one else is there to execute it, that time to take it matters into your hand. Obtaining a great haircut on your very own requires the finest mirror for me haircutting system. Collection a mirror, conference the tools, and also bring your inner hairstylist to see the magic.

Best 360 degree 3-way winter for me haircut mechanism (June 2021)

# Preview Product

A take trip mirror is among the most critical things women need with them, and you can’t uncover a much better alternative than this one. This trifold mirror from the Self reduced System is particularly designed for women. 3 100% glass mirrors space positioned perfectly to provide you a convenient angle. 

There room plastic hooks attached to the frame. The telescopic base will allow you to collection the winter at any kind of height. Self-Cut system offers you an app devoted to this item prefer with all various other mirrors. Experts teach you how to reduced your hair step by step via this app.

The videos are really detailed the will assist you to understand styling your own hair. Once it pertains to self-cut mirrors, the Self-Cut mechanism brand never ever disappoints about any feature. You acquire quality, durability, convenience, and also ease of usage all in one item. The color variations are likewise designed while maintaining the feminine preference in mind. 

Pros Easy installation. Usage the hooks to cave it anywhere.100% glass mirror offers a crystal clear see of her head.It comes v an app to teach you just how to style your hair.ConsThe hooks might have to be better.

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How execute I reduced My very own Hair In A Mirror?

When you room cutting her hair for the first time, points can acquire intimidating. Here’s a finish guideline because that you so girlfriend don’t chaos up her hair. 

Keep the area clean

A cluttered area is not perfect for any kind of neat work. If the place you are setting up your hair cutting procedure is messy, friend won’t uncover the crucial tools whenever you require them, and you may end up offering the not correct haircut. 

Make a space clear of everything unnecessary lying around. And then collection your winter to the place. 

Prepare your hair

You should always wash, condition, and dry your hair prior to cutting. Detangle your hair using a comb. Tangled and also dirty hair are hard to cut and results in uneven cut in between. Preparing her hair before you take the tools is an important to complete if you want your preferred results.

Gather every the tools

Keep everything essential near at hand when you room cutting her hair. Imagine friend are middle of a haircut, stop a section of hair on your hand, and can’t discover the device you need next. 

To protect against this from happening, learn what you need for her haircut, conference them all, and also keep castle organized near your hand. Us will carry out a perform of tools you need to cut you’re here additional in this post. 

Be conservative

People regularly get too excited while giving themselves haircuts and also make mistakes. Constantly cut her hair in short sections. Remember the you can constantly cut quick your hair, but you can’t make quick hair long once you cut them. You have to wait till her hair normally grows again. 

Take her time

Don’t be in a rush to acquire over through your haircut. Take your time while cutting your hair because the an ext carefully you cut your hair, the more precise and perfect your hair will certainly be. 

How do You reduced The back Of her Hair?

The most an overwhelming part of cutting your very own hair is once you have actually to cut the ago of your hair. However if you recognize all the rules around how to carry out it, you have the right to perfectly form your earlier hair without any hazards. 

Put the mirrors in place

Set your mirrors in such a means so you deserve to watch your earlier hair conveniently. If you don’t have actually a 3-way mirror, you can use two mirrors to view your ago hair. Was standing in former of a winter by encountering the other way. Put another mirror in prior of you. Readjust the edge so friend can plainly see behind her head. Shot finding the finest handheld mirror for a self haircut come make certain you’re comfortable.

Use clippers

Shave a horizontal hairline utilizing clippers. Make certain the this on the clippers are facing downwards. Search your herbal hairline and make a horizontal cut keeping the clippers as steady and also straight as possible.

When cutting top hair, make certain you upper and lower reversal the clippers. That method the teeth need to be facing upwards. Cut little sections instead of walk continuously.

Finishing Touch

Trim the corners and also make castle smooth and also round. After ~ that, you should have actually a clean reduced on your ago hair. 

How perform You set Up A mirror To reduced Your very own Hair? 

When setting a mirror, you need to keep your convenience in mind. For example, collection the winter somewhere whereby it will be easier to clean the area, like the bathroom. Store the clean essentials like a vacuum cleaner ready. If you cut your hair utilizing the mirror above the bathroom sink, you can use insanity water to wash the hair away.

Set the mirror at a height where friend can plainly see all her hair. Also, store the elevation tall enough not to need to stand or sit in an uncomfortable position. 

Make sure you have enough space near the winter to accommodate all your tools. Moreover, make sure you deserve to move closer to the mirror if necessary. 

Clean the mirror before you start cutting her hair. Girlfriend won’t have the ability to remove dirt sitting on her mirror as soon as your hand is dipped on your hair.

A dual setup mirror is a should for cut the side and ago of your hair. If you cut your hair in the bathroom, you already have a fixed mirror ~ above the wall. Friend need another one to be able to see the back of her head. A hand mirror can come in comfortable in this situation. Far better yet, a three-way winter will settle all your problems. 

Advantages of a 3-Way Mirror

A 3-way mirror is ahead of 1-way winter in several ways. As soon as you offer yourself a haircut, this kind of winter is the best you can acquire for a precise result. To sophisticated on why you should get a three-way mirror for yourself, check out the following advantages you will be getting.

Ease of Use

These mirrors space super simple to use. They’re foldable, so you have the right to store them when not utilizing them. Mountain them whenever friend want. They space portable and easily flexible so that you can use lock effortlessly. 

The portability come in handy, too, when you’re going elsewhere for part time and need to bring the mirror. The mirrors that are fixated ~ above the wall don’t come through this privilege. 

Display Type

Three-way mirrors have the right to be supplied in two ways. You can either hang them what or keep them ~ above a surface prefer a table or a countertop follow to your need. That means you don’t need to fix them from the beginning. You’re acquiring a portable possibility with these. Use the winter whenever girlfriend need and also store it away after you are finished. 

Full Visibility 

The most prime reason civilization prefer a three-way winter is the they can acquire a complete 360 levels view. Friend can change the edge and collection it according to her preference. 

You deserve to move the next mirrors in accordance through the middle one to acquire a complete view that yourself and cut your hair without any inconvenience.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike classic wall-mounted mirrors, you deserve to dismount them and clean castle without much effort. Easy cleaning is a desirable feature for any type of tool.


A three-way mirror will provide an elegant touch come wherever you collection it up. That goes with all room settings and helps your interior with a beautiful setting. 

Saves Money

Finally, a three-way winter will permit you to save the time and also money that visiting a hair professional or barber from time to time. You can cut and style your very own hair making use of this type of mirror. Moreover, the mirror provides you finish visibility come avoid any type of blind spots.

So if you want your hair come look together awesome after cutting as a salon-cut hair, you must go for the best 3-way winter for hair cutting. 

How To store Your mirror Clean

To clean her mirror, you have the right to use store-bought assets made explicitly for winter cleaning. Girlfriend can likewise use homemade assets for cleaning your mirror. Because that making a mirror cleaning solution at home, you require distilled water, white vinegar, and cornstarch.

Take fifty percent a cup of distilled water, half a cup that white vinegar, and one tablespoon of cornstarch. Mix the ingredients and also load them within a spray bottle. 

Wipe your mirror v alcohol dipped towel to remove any visible debris. Then spray the systems you do or the store-bought cleaner if you have. Usage a microfiber fabric to wipe the winter clean. Friend can likewise use a crumpled-up newspaper.

Wipe the mirror using a one-way direction. For example, you can draw an ‘S’ form using the fabric on the pce solution. Utilizing a circular motion will do the winter dirty again, which is a very annoying thing. After you’ve cleaned the whole mirror, try standing in different spots of your room to check out if you’ve missed something. 

When girlfriend permanently place your mirror in the bathroom, you can experience fogginess top top the mirror. If you usage a mixture of vinegar, warmth water, and dish soap come clean the mirror, you have the right to prevent fogging your mirror for a couple of days.

Always clean your mirror when you intend to offer yourself a haircut. Clean the mirror afterward, too. Or friend will finish up damaging the showing capacity of your mirror over time.

Tools You require For a me Haircut

If you desire to reduced your hair like a professional, there space a couple of tools girlfriend need. Several of them room must-haves, and some of them simply augment convenience. We’ve consisted of all the devices that can make her hair cutting experience the best.


How room you ever before going to reduced your hair without a mirror? The most an important element for a self haircut is a mirror. You may need multiple winter to reduced your very own hair, or you can get a three-way mirror for substantial convenience.  

If girlfriend don’t go for a three-way mirror, shot finding the ideal handheld mirror for convenience. 


This, you must have while cut your own hair. Some human being directly go for clippers, but a an excellent haircut will need both scissors and clippers. Besides, if you have actually long hair, friend can’t reduced your hair without a great pair that scissors. 

Make certain your scissors are sharp enough. Dull scissors will certainly hardly cut your hair the means you want. 


Make sure you get an excellent clippers come trim your hair. Clippers room very critical when you want to reduced the side hair or ago hair. Scissors don’t come in handy when you intend an also cut, especially when cutting your own hair. 

Hair cutting Cape

There space various types of cloaks friend can obtain to cover yourself as soon as cutting your hair. Some attribute straightforward designs prefer the persons you see in a salon. Rather come with much more innovativeness to ease your self hair cutting process. One umbrella-shaped cloak, because that example, lets you reduced your hair without letting the hair autumn on the floor. The convenient once you don’t want to chaos up her cleanliness. 

Shaving Template

You can uncover a neckline shaving template for even cutting. It provides your hair cut a many easier because you don’t have to worry about keeping the neckline straight and even on your own. But it’s no a must-have device on the list. You can do there is no it. 

Features you Should think about While buying a me Haircut Mirror 

When you are buying yourself a beautiful mirror, make certain it’s best among all others. Consider the adhering to features prior to purchasing a mirror. 


How long the mirror will certainly serve you through ultimate high quality matters. No one wants to change their mirror every month. For this reason if you room confident the you want a details mirror, store durability in mind. Delicate mirrors the break after a while and also damages after several offers are that no use. In the end, girlfriend will finish up wasting your money and also time if you nothing be careful regarding this feature. 

Mirror Quality

Is the mirror specifically how a mirror have to be? Or go it have actually waves that hinder a perfect reflection? The an initial rule the buying any product is making certain that the does what it’s an alleged to do. If a mirror doesn’t sell you a clear reflection and is unclear, vague, and also wavy, why would certainly you want it anyway? So, quality matters. 


The outlook of her mirror absolutely matters. A winter is an alleged to offer you confidence as soon as you look at yourself. If the winter itself doesn’t come v a typical aesthetics, those the suggest anyway. To decorate your residence with the perfect mirror, remember that just how the mirror looks matters. 

Your mirror should enhance your room wherein you will collection it. Flexibility is likewise an attractive feature here. Some mirrors are designed in a means that lock look great everywhere you put them. 


Depending on her necessity, the portability function shouldn’t be overlooked. If you travel a lot of or adjust your room, place, or apartment native time come time, you require a portable mirror. The mirror should be quickly portable there is no causing any type of damage. Large mirrors that aren’t foldable are suitable for resolved options. To sum up, it depends on your choice if you want portability or not. 

Ease of Use

Some mirrors room foldable. You can keep them far if girlfriend don’t want them shown or protect against cleaning them regularly. If you store a mirror mounted all the time, it attracts dust and requires maintenance. Foldability offers a systems to that. Other things come consider about ease of usage are how comfortable they space to hold, adjust, and relocate native one location to another.

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Trustworthy Brand

Instead of purchase anything the comes in front of your eye, girlfriend should constantly purchase winter from reliable brands. They have a solid base that reliability, and also they often respond come accountability as soon as something go wrong. 

Most that the time, unknown brands only care about selling their products, and also once friend buy native them, you nothing get any kind of assistance at all. 

User Reviews

You can additionally collect some second opinions around what various other users room saying around a brand. It’s a really smart source of details to search due to the fact that they’ve actually offered a particular product and also experienced the value. It’s also a suitable choice when you have actually a specific product in mind, however you are not certain if the a wise an option or not.


When friend need frequent hair touch up, it’s it s okay to cut your hair. Yet when you desire a full-length shame haircut, we suggest you go for a specialist. And educate yourself about the haircutting process before doing that on your own, or else you can damage your hair.

Use the appropriate tools and follow a specific step by step procedure to give yourself a good haircut. If you space not i was sure enough around cutting your own hair, girlfriend should constantly go to a professional.

With the ideal tools and knowledge, girlfriend can offer yourself a an excellent haircut there is no hassles. But if girlfriend think it won’t bring the outcomes you expect, you should avoid cutting your hair.

Final Thought

A mirror is the first tool you require to give yourself a pretty and great haircut. It’s far better to gather every the finest things in one place prior to you acquire started. In a human being where anyone is busy, a self haircut is a survival ability you require for your life. 

And a good mirror is where you get started. We elaborated on the best mirror because that a self haircut here. Girlfriend only have to go v the evaluation and make the decision. Happy shopping and happy DIY haircutting! 

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