I have been safety this weekend marathoning tvN’s 3 Meals a Day: Fishing village 3 featuring Lee Seo Jin, Eric Mun and Yoon Kyun Sang. I’m no into range shows, and also I don’t check out the appeal in watching world stuck in a town with no contemporary equipment and basically just eat and also cook from every little thing they room supplied. Yet I might no longer resist once there to be so much raves around this season and also Eric’s cooking. So I made decision to examine it out.

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The verdict? i am hooked! To it is in honest, it’s a yes, really looooong episode wherein we just watch castle cook and also eat all day long. Yet strangely, ns am attracted to that from the beginning and also has arisen fondness because that the boys.



Lee Seo Jin is the oldest of the 3 and also the leader the the pack. His key job is bossing his dongsaeng, wait approximately for food to be cooked, and also driving the boat. His special an abilities include peeling onion’s, garlic’s and/or potato’s skins. He can additionally be seen preparing the fire stove and also assist in cooking. The prefers noodles end rice and also loves seashells dishes.

Eric Mun indigenous Shinhwa is the second oldest. The is the driver and the executive chef. Ns am so impression of his cooking knowledge, and I think that would become popular in hosting a cooking show. He absolutely came on plank well-prepared, but it is likewise apparent that, generally, the must have actually enjoyed food preparation during his own private time. I am constantly at awe that the tips and tricks he knows in preparing the food. He likewise has impressive knife skills. Indigenous observing exactly how he works in the kitchen, ns concluded that Eric is a perfectionist and also works systematically. Everyone including Na PD fell in love with Eric’s food, however their only complaint is the moment Eric bring away to finish them, LOLLLL. Yet watching him cook and also being slow is certainly one that the reasons why I gain the show.

Yoon Kyun Sang is the maknae; that does anything the is told. He is additionally fun to watch because he knows absolutely nothing. His hyungs usually taught him from scratch and mentor that the survivor skills. It’s good fun city hall him growing from being completely clueless come by episode 5, understanding what he requirements to do and also is great at act them. Among the funny points was Eric is supposedly the fishing expert, but Kyun Sang transforms out to it is in the one that records all the fish. The is very lucky as soon as it comes to fishing. There to be one scene wherein Eric asked him what food he would like, the smiles goofily and also tells Eric he would certainly eat noþeles Eric provides him. Hahahahahaha that was adorable. They all adore and addicted come Eric’s food.

Special Guest: Na PD


Sometimes the display would invite unique guests, but so much we haven’t had any and also Na PD is the only one the occasionally appears on screen because he might not resist Eric’s seashells soup and Jajang rice dish. The or his staff would steal the wok and eat a spoonful whilst squating down. HAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s so… i don’t even know just how to define it. It’s just so unnecessary to squat and also eat.

Pets: Kong and Mong


Like the predecessor, pets are component of the casts and also this season we have two fluffy fat cat that belong to Yoon Kyun Sang. They largely stay in the room mutual by Eric and also Kyun Sang. I favor Mong more than Kong since he is extra cute with those brief feet; the is likewise less shy and an ext engaging if friend play through him. Vice versa, Kong is an larger cat therefore he is much less curious. He’s additionally less adventurous and is timid.


The town where lock filmed this display is situated at Deukryang Island, Goheung, Jeollanam-do. It’s a terrific area come be gaining organic produce and also fresh seafoods. The boys literally ate crabs, clams, fishes and also octopus every day. Ns feel sorry for Kyun Sang because being together a huge size that he is, normally he eats more, and the seafoods the they caught weren’t sufficient to feed him in the beginning. Ns don’t think Eric cooked enough to to fill him at first, yet eventually the boys realised and also now Kyun Sang it s okay bigger portion of the food, LOLLL.

Various delicious dishes cook by Eric:

I highly recommend discovering this season’s 3 Meals a Day. Eric’s food is seafood fine dining—village style. LOL. Not only they room delicious (so we’re told), however it looks so damn good in visual. That puts initiative in plating, too.

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I expect it stays exciting till the really end, too. Na PD should think about putting Bo Gum with Eric, wouldn’t it it is in a blessing because that us and also him? He would most likely be Kyun Sang v2.0 and also it would certainly equally be interesting to watch him. Hehehehehe.