The Sunbelt Agrisocial Expo will certainly celebprice its 40th anniversary via this year’s show to be held on Tuesday, October 17 through Thursday, October 19, 2017 simply exterior of Moultire, Georgia. 

Physical Location: 290-G Harper Boulevard, Moultrie, GA 31788-2157.

Gates open up at 8:30 AM Eastern Time and also close at 5:00 PM on Tuesday and also Wednesday, and at 4:00 PM on Thursday. The enattempt fee is $10 per perkid at the gate, or $8 per perchild in advance through October 13th.

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The 40th Annual Sunbelt Agrisocial Exposition is an ag based trade show situated at Spence Field in Moultrie, Georgia. The Expo showinstances the latest in farming innovation hosting 1200 exhibitors in its 100-acre static exhibit area.

The 600-acre working research farm offers travellers the opportunity to see first-hand also the devices performing in the harvesting and also tillage demonstrations that are organized each day. Twenty-one specialty sections along with educational seminars, demonstrations, and also test tracks all incorporate to produce “North America’s Premier Farm Sexactly how.”


The 600 acre working farm offers an possibility to watch countless kinds of harvest devices from multiple service providers in action on the area tours. Credit: Sunbelt Ag Expo

There truly is so much to see and experience at this yearly occasion. There is a remarkable variety of exhibits, demonstrations, and merchants to view for eexceptionally type of agriculture, from row crop farmer, livestock rancher, vegetable producer, and homesteader.

Tright here are sections devoted to managing fish ponds, house gardening, all forms of livestock including poulattempt, livestock, horses, and goats, all sorts of area plants, and eincredibly form of equipment used on the farm in the southern. Plus tright here are area demonstrations of peanut, cotton, and also hay devices.

There are stock dog trails and also fishing demonstrations, food preparation and also gardening demonstrations, food merchants, and also new tools and also devices to make all sorts of jobs simpler. This occasion offers a unique opportunity to see the latest inventions and also modern technology for the commercial farm to the part-time little farm and homestead.

UF/IFAS Extension and other land-grant colleges additionally have exhilittle barns at the Sunbelt Ag Expo. Stop by the UF/IFAS barn on your visit and enjoy some totally free oselection juice and also peanuts. This year the design template of the exhilittle bit is plant manufacturing through interenergetic exhibits featuring hortisociety, crops, and also forperiods. Exstress agents from across Florida will be manning the exhibits, so come by to see us while you are there.

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This show is so varied and so large you want to have actually a plan before you come. Wear comfortable shoes and carry cash to purchase food and also beverages. Tbelow is even an application that you have the right to downpack for your smart phone to guide your visit: 2017 Sunbelt Ag Expo App.

Use the following connect to check out the schedule of the numerous seminars, demonstrations, and also events reserved for this year’s Ag Expo, so you deserve to set your own schedule for the days you attend: 2017 Sunbelt Ag Expo Schedule of Events.

Check out this year’s promotional video to check out the wide array of opportunities that await at this years’ Sunbelt Expo: