CLICK here TO purchase TICKETS!Steam Train Rides in Coldwater Michigan

Ride the rails with an authentic 100 year vapor engine train in ~ the tiny River Railroad.

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The small River rail is a not-for-profit organization committed to the restoration and also operation of historic railroad equipment. The small River railroad is located in Coldwater, Michigan. The train runs to Quincy, Michigan and occasionally Hillsdale, Michigan.

Contact us at:

517-227-5488 because that TICKETS and QUESTIONS

260-316-0529 FOR basic TEXT article QUESTIONS

Email united state at: customerservice

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Steam Train Rides, Steam Train Rides, Steam Train Rides


Ticket facility call: 517-227-5488

Come join us because that a fun-filled trip through the countryside on our historic train it is provided by real vapor locomotives!

Our round pilgrimage train rides depart indigenous Coldwater, MI. Train ride lengths vary, please read description of trips because that information. Over there is a fifty percent hour layover in Quincy for you to acquire off the train and also see the locomotive switched about to the other finish of the train because that our return trip. We additionally have countless other trips and special events. Please see the “Schedule and also Fares” web page for an ext information.

Tickets have the right to be purchased any time indigenous the website or in ~ thet ticket office. The ticket office opens 2 hours before scheduled departure.Train is Handicap Accessible. You re welcome let us know if you require assistance.


Do I require reservations? (some trips call for tickets ahead of time, please watch the schedule page)

Can i cancel at any kind of time?(no, tickets are non-refundable.)

Can I transfer my ticket for an additional date?(yes, ticket of same value)

How lengthy is the trip?(Easter bunny Express, Fathers Day, Quincy Flyer and also Pumpkin Trains room 1 3/4 hours, Lazy Days and Christmas Express are 45 minutes to 1 hour, Hillsdale Flyer is about 4 hours)

When need to I arrive?(at the very least 30 minutes prior to departure, even if you currently have tickets)

Are there restrooms on train?(yes, and in the station as well)

Is the train handicap accessible?(generally yes, however, restrictions apply. Please contact us if you require assistance.)

Is the train air conditioned?(no)

Is the train heated?(to the best of ours ability. Store in mental the train is antiquated. Dress appropriately.)

Tickets and train are located at:  

Little river Railroad29 W. Park Ave.

Coldwater, MI 49036

The small River railroad is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the restoration, operation and also preservation of historical railroad equipment. The tiny River railroad is sustained by ticket sales, concession sales, memberships and also donations.

The small River railroad is activate by every volunteers. Feel free to pick up a membership this day and assist us keep steam trains about for future generations.

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Coldwater is situated in south main Michigan,halfway between Detroit & Chicago,just 13 miles north the the Indiana border.