North Kern State Prison

North Kern State Prichild is situated in Delano California. The facility acts as both a reception facility, and also a medium to minimum custody facility, and also a transport hub for when inmates are transported over a lengthy distance through The golden state. The reception center percent of this facility is responsible for diagnosing and classifying many inmates from all over the state. Initial handling and also classification of inmates have the right to take approximately 90 days bereason the facility will occupational up a comprehensive background on the offender and evaluate the psychological and physical health and wellness of the inmate. Once finiburned with reception and also classification the inmate may be relocated to a brand-new more permanent facility that much better suites their rehabilitation requirements.

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North Kern State Priboy offers inmates a range of education, from earning a GED and also fundamental adult education to finding out new vocational skills. The intends of educating the inmates is to administer them through a better possibility of success when they are released and to alleviate the recidivism price (rate at which the inmate re-offends). Several of the vocational programs inmates may take part in are gardening/landscaping, carpentry, auto mechanics and also auto body repair. Inmates at this college have the right to additionally earn a 2 year college level.

Visiting Hours at North Kern State Prison:

You should have an apverified visitors application before coming to visiting your inmate. Inmates might have visits on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am-2pm, if you cannot check in to visiting prior to 2pm you will certainly not be enabled to visit. Visitors are likewise allowed on 4 holidays (New Year"s day, July 4th, Thanksoffering and also Christmas day). You are now able to schedule a visiting appointment digital right here.

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Physical Address:

North Kern State Prison2737 West Cecil AvenueDelano, CA 93215


(661) 721-2345

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID NumberA YardPO Box 5000Delano, CA 93215-5000

Inmate Name, ID NumberB YardPO Box 4999Delano, CA 93216-4999

Inmate Name, ID NumberC YardPO Box 5004Delano, CA 93216-5004

Inmate Name, ID NumberD YardPO Box 5005Delano, CA 93215-5005

Inmate Name, ID NumberE YardPO Box 5000Delano, CA 93215-5000

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