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Property Information

Property legal Description: GREENBRIAR through AT BONITA only CONDO DESC IN OR 2910 PG 1899
Bonita Springs's enrollment plan is no based exclusively on geography. Please check the institution district website to view all schools serving this home.
School data detailed by GreatSchools. College service borders are intended come be offered as reference only. Come verify enrollment eligibility because that a property, call the school directly.
Some homes get multiple offers.The average dwellings sell for around list price and go pending in around 9 days.
Some houses get many offers.The average houses sell for around 1% listed below list price and go pending in approximately 11 days.
Some dwellings get lot of offers.The average homes sell for around 2% below list price and go pending in roughly 20 days.
This area is rather walkable — some errands deserve to be accomplished on foot. There is some amount of framework for biking.
Homes similar to this residence are noted between $180K to $2,699K at an mean of $325 every square foot.





Nearby homes similar to this home have recently sold in between $125K come $670K at an average of $270 per square foot.
Based top top's industry data, we calculate that industry competition in 34134, this home's neighborhood, is rather competitive. Dwellings sell for about 2% below list price and also go pending in approximately 15 days.
Nearby schools include 3DLEARN interaction Academy, feather Creek elementary School and Bonita Springs Charter School. The closest grocery stores room Publix, The new Market and also Publix. Surrounding coffee shops incorporate Divino Gelato Cafe and also Starbucks. Adjacent restaurants incorporate DeRomo's Gourmet market & Restaurant, DeRomo's Italian industry & Restaurant and Molino's Ristorante. 26795 S bay Dr is near royal River boat Ramp, flow Park and also Marni areas Park.
Comparable adjacent homes encompass 3651 Wild Pines Dr #306, 26721 Clarkston Dr #106, and also 26781 Clarkston Dr #103.

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