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The Niagara Club

The original structure was built in the early on 1860\"s to be the house of Dexter ray Jerauld and also his mam Angeline. After ~ several building additions, it to be the headquarters of The Niagara Club private men\"s club from 1901 come 1996. Most recently, it was the base of Tiddledybinks at The Niagara Club, a really successful banquet facility.

Located at an initial Street and also Buffalo Avenue, this facility sit at a element downtown Niagara drops location directly throughout from Goat Island / Niagara drops State Park, secs from the tourist district and casinos, and overlooking the picturesque landscape that Niagara Falls, Canada and also the roaring Niagara Rapids. That is additionally immediately nearby to the Red Coach Inn.


collection Street cross Street traffic Volume Year distance
Buffalo Ave 1st St 1,396 2020 0.02 mi
Main St Rainbow Blvd 3,301 2018 0.11 mi
Rainbow Blvd 3rd St 10,265 2020 0.14 mi
3rd St Rainbow Blvd 634 2020 0.16 mi
3rd St Duggan Dr 4,160 2014 0.20 mi
3rd St Duggan Dr 4,709 2020 0.20 mi
Rainbow Blvd 3rd St 3,493 2018 0.20 mi
Buffalo Ave Hillcrest St 1,585 2020 0.22 mi
1st St Niagara St 2,808 2020 0.23 mi
4th St Rainbow Blvd 2,836 2020 0.24 mi


Airport journey walk distance
Buffalo Niagara international Airport 38 min 24.8 mi


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