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hand down ideal Mexican food I've had. Every little thing is fresh, margaritas are impressive and good service.
Uncle Julio's is as whole a an excellent Tex Mex Restuarant with excellent Margaritas unfortunately went over there today and the 2 hostess rookies were horrible.sat in ~ the Bar because that 45 minutes... The Bar...
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Waited here 40 minutes for the food then came out the manager dropped the food but no cake no sides waited one more 15 minutes then cancelled the order.The manager is disastrous here critical time...
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i LOVED this place until my current visit. A real disappointment. Hostess blamed my mam for not being able to hear she on the phone as soon as the cumbia music on they're side was blasting.What...
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The food and place to be mediocre. Service likewise lagged together the server did no speak English very well (I.e. I asked for a "drinks menu", and also server checked out ask "if they have a Margharita favor that)....

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Uncle Julio"s, located in Lombard, Ill., is a family-owned and full-service restaurant that dedicated in mexican cuisine and Mexican food catering. It was opened up in 1986, and also offers Sunday brunch, lunch and also dinner menu and children s specials. The restaurant s menu contains appetizers, nachos, homemade soups and pork tamales, shrimp, tortilla strips, and also pork and beef dishes. It in addition offers platters, cheese and also onion enchiladas, tacos and also chile relleno. Its having lunch menu consists of special dishes, such together camarones a la parrilla, reynosa and also postres, and a wide selection of beer and also wines. Uncle Julio"s in addition provides beverages and desserts, such as ice creams, mexican pastries through a range of toppings, coffee, tea and soft drinks. The restaurant likewise has branches in Dallas, Reston, Va., fort Worth, Texas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Bethesda and also Gaithersburg, Md.