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This single-family house is situated at 231 prior St, Brooklyn, NY. 231 former St is in the Vinegar Hill ar in Brooklyn, NY and in ZIP code 11201. This property has actually a lot dimension of 2,083 sqft.



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"I’ve resided in DUMBO/Vinegar Hill because that 1 year. It’s mine favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn. If you have actually young youngsters there room a many of options for locations for them to play both indoors and outdoors. In the critical year there has been wealth of restaurants and shops opened. The a an excellent community."
"Great metropolitan area through waterfront, shopping, and the arts. An extremely walkable. But a $19,000,000 penthouse doesn't belong here. Anyone through that money is looking come buy in Manhattan."
"I go out every morning and get a bagel and brand-new York Times. Over there is a tailor, a hardware store, five small/medium markets, and several restaurants within two block. Pedro's, a Mexican/Latino location right near us serves an excellent food. The Dumbo Kitchen has actually healthy fare (and tempting pastries). I often sit there all afternoon working. The F train is fifty percent a block away."
"New restaurants and also shopping have emerged, make this cobbstone ar not just a beautiful, however a practical and also enjoyable place to live. Jay Condo, 1 block native the subway, and over a 24/7 garage, offers easy commute."
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231 former St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 is a single-family home. 231 former St is situated in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. This home is no currently obtainable for sale.

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