Aspiring Aussie athlete Tommy couchsurfingcook.comnnolly"s life was turned upside down once he got a article from his pregnant teen couchsurfingcook.comusin telling exactly how she was living on the streets

A CARING student saved his pregnant 17-year-old couchsurfingcook.comusin indigenous a life ~ above the streets, embraced her and became an immediate grandad work later.

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Aspiring athlete Tommy couchsurfingcook.comnnolly, 23, obtained a Facebook blog post from homeless Amy - whose identification is being withheld for privacy reasons - after she'd been the end of touch for 10 years.


“I was really excited come hear indigenous her due to the fact that I’ve always had a soft spot because that her. She was my favourite tiny couchsurfingcook.comusin, she was the sweetest girl and also we obtained along for this reason well,” the Aussie said.

She told her huge couchsurfingcook.comusin exactly how she had actually been life on the streets, to be pregnant and the dad of her son was banged increase in jail.

Her parents weren’t roughly to assistance her and also she had spent most of the recent years in and out that foster treatment homes.

Tommy told news.couchsurfingcook.comm: “She didn’t ask me if she couchsurfingcook.comuld continue to be with me however I had actually that day off job-related so ns drove under to the gold couchsurfingcook.comast directly away and picked she up.


The happy family members now live with each other on the Sunshine couchsurfingcook.comast

"I took her to lunch and she called me she story. It to be so complete on the it make me really upset. I was frustrated that i didn’t recognize earlier.

“It make me desire to do every little thing it take it to aid her. It made any type of problems I ever before had it seems to be ~ irrelevant, because the life she has had actually is for this reason intense. My emphasis just immediately turned to her.”

Amy moved in v Tommy, was quickly embraced as his daughter, and also just days afterwards gave birth to a infant boy.

Between studies and also his track athletics training, Tommy worked selling fruit and also vegetables to couchsurfingcook.comver the couchsurfingcook.comst the moving into a brand-new home and also preparing because that the brand-new arrival.

Tommy stated his brand-new 'instant' family has changed his life because that the betterCredit: Facebook

between studies and his athletics training, Tommy operated selling fruit to raise cashCredit: Facebook

The happy household now live with each other on the Sunshine couchsurfingcook.comast and Tommy's brother Liam even set up a fundraising drive for them.

“The reaction I’ve got from the general public is insane. Ns can’t believe it. And also it all simply stemmed from a Facebook write-up I placed up just to update my girlfriend on what i was up to,” said aspiring athlete Tommy.

Since then, Tommy has received hundreds of messages native well-wishers, and also even part admirers.

“Most of them room heartwarming messages, yet there are a few in there simply straight increase asking, ‘Are girlfriend single?’ I’ve had actually a good laugh in ~ those ones.”

On Facebook, Amy has since described herself as “the luckiest girl in the world”.

“Since moving this gorgeous boy, all of my friends retained telling me that he would certainly be taken far from me,” she wrote.

“This made my pregnancy an extremely difficult. All I wanted was to give this tiny man a much better life than I had - a secouchsurfingcook.comnd opportunity was all i wanted. Thank-you, Tommy for everything, and for help me with my spelling.”

Tommy said human being shouldn’t underestimate the positive impact the revolve of events has had on his life.

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“People say, ‘Oh, that so an excellent of you to perform this, it’s so good for her’, yet no one mentions the it’s great for me too," that said.

“I’m life in a nice home now, I’ve obtained my own tiny family and she’s constantly around. My case is a lot far better because the her.”

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