Great service and also fast shipping. They market discount for frequent shippers. Honestly I have actually not found any reasonable shipping prices choose shop2ship offer regardless the the handling fees over there still cheap! many thanks Shop2ship her really helping my business to grow.

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I constantly wanted to buy ~ above the united state websites favor Amazon. I was trying to find a forwarding firm that deserve to send me the packages native the us to my nation at one affordable price. And also I found the Shop2Ship website. Lock answered all of mine questions. Lock offer great service and also fast to express shipping. I recommend your consolidation service.I received my package. It came earlier than expected.Thank friend Shop2Ship!

This place is wonderful it. They assisted me with a scammer to aid me get my product back and not obtain ripped off. Really efficient and really friendly.Very caring people. If you must use a honest shop in go through this one.

I just wrote a review about this organization 5 job ago. The point is happily I have my package and also it to be in good conditions. I was scared because I review so plenty of comments around this place being a scam. After some emails they answered me and also well, whatever was fine. Simply one recommendation please, market a much better customer service, definition that if we have actually doubts just shot to reply immediately, taking right into account over there is a most bizarre information around your service.

Be cautious with scammers that ask you come send stuffs you market for this address and they to speak they will send the money come you later. Also if castle send girlfriend the receipt, make sure it is real. Right here in pictures you will check out which one is real and which one is fake. They put the worm in the an alleged receipt number. Be mindful please!

I had actually a package that was delivered however wasn’t added to mine account the same day since it arrived late but prior to I also contacted castle they already fixed it and added the parcel to mine account the next day.. I’m really pleased.. Thank you Shop2ShipEDIT: what’s going on through my package? It has actually been v you males for mainly now even though ns paid the required money because that it come be transport out. I sent emails and no response, I’ve verified my me tirelessly and also even provided the card I used for purchase the 2 jeans that was shipped to you guys.. It ultimately said mine package has actually been shipped yet I wasn’t issued any tracking # and no tracking # ~ above the dashboard/shipped packages... What’s going on???

I have never had actually such a negative experience in my life. Castle thieves officially. Lock stole my products and also dont offer them back. Although they lost, castle did no refund and also no much longer respond to mine messages. I paid because that everything however they dont provide my assets back. Ns dont know what to do.

They stole my parcel and also now refusing to give it ago by speak thay they have a rights to refuse to do organization with customers. Just how to recognize it? They just keep my commodities to themselves. For this reason i lost $2000 since they say that they will certainly not send my parcel.People dont think them. They are the best scammers in the world! The worst firm everETID: ns am adding some comments to shop2ship answer. Castle answered come my testimonial by speak that ns am a lying. I have actually all the screenshots and proofs that also when i send documents they dont expropriate it and finding an additional reasons. Never believe them. They simply doesnt care

This agency is good and complete of even far better people. Unfortunately, I have actually not had the opportunity to do organization with them however I ran right into a scam situation involving who trying to advantage by stealing from me and also defacing Shop2Ship. If you ever before see negative reviews about this ar I deserve to rest assure that the is simply because of scammers. They were able to conveniently locate my stolen package and return it safely come me. I cannot give thanks to the personnel that work there enough and can attest to their impressive customer service.

Good day, i’m Ella Moorinson, Suite #47442340 2229 NW 79th Ave. Miami. I’m having actually some worries with my packages and also I’ve been trying to get in touch with you males for weeks, I sent out several mails and there to be no solution in regards to my issue. I consolidated some packages and they haven’t finished the consolidation yet because that over a month.Packages consolidated room ( 82595,95266,), I want you men to upgrade the packages therefore I deserve to pay up because that the shipping fees as quickly as possible. I really require you men to obtain the packages updated since I’m ready to pay for the package and also have that shipped the end of the store. Thanks.

This is the best app I ever had. I can buy all my everyday like hacks on this app. This is the ideal site for shopping and also anything else. If friend want good stuff i recommend this for you.

Im one more person who shipped a package here which ns was scammed the end of payment. Execute NOT SHOP ANYTHING right here UNTIL YOU have actually RECEIVED friend MONEY IN her ACCOUNT!!! human being ARE using THIS deal with IN salary PAL the owner, please call me ASAP to gain my package!!!! i will update this testimonial upon receipt of my package.EDIT: ns am happy come report the return of mine package. I evaluate the team at shop 2 ship for thier assist and efforts to return mine package!! This was an error on my end and also they saved my butt.

Simply cannot handle received packagesThey provided me a suite number which showed up to be later on a check suite number. I had actually to check one by one whether my parcels come and carry out proof of acquisition details because that each one. Afterwards during the pandemic castle forgot come send me any kind of kind of notifications the I have received items pending in my storage and also they simply threw a parcel worth many $ away. At the very least they declared this. Your phone application (iOs) doesnt work-related either. No to point out their extremely poor customer organization - I had to wait hours to get in touch with them via chat. Store away!

Big scam!!! obtained emails come prove. PayPal and also Facebook have been notified. Police report as well. Joanne Emery. I understand you see this! Or is the Bradley Marvis?

A article was sent out there approximately 1pm that a apologize Mac computer that i was marketing to this human being for 2000$ and they sent me fake PayPal emails therefore I would certainly really evaluate it if girlfriend guys might get ago to me as quickly as possible and retrieve my laptop for me please or find out who has it. This looks choose I gained scammed. Please atleast email or call me back

If there to be an option for ZERO stars i wouldve decided it. Not only are your fees much much more than competitors, and also they delay in handling shipments or present wrong tracking numbers, they additionally do not care about satisfying your customers or retaining them.When I faced them around their competitors fees castle carelessly and also allegedly said me to use them and also they have the right to ship my pending shipments to the rivals warehouse.After ns did the for part shipments, now theyre saying that they wont permit shipping to forwarders anymore in an effort to force me to accept their overpriced worldwide rates.Seriously the audacity, rudeness and carelessness is sufficient to never ever use them again or introduce to anyone.

Your business is really poor; i paid for a parcel to be shipped the end 2 months earlier and that still hasn’t been shipped yet; I have actually mailed number of times and also no an answer yet, this is yes, really poor.. Suite #88442864 Tracking #EJ390076136US.. Have my package transport IMMEDIATELY

I am one more person that was scammed despite paypal execute not ship anything!!!!! i shipped yesterday a samsung watch active 2 and was delivered today at 10:30am for Olive Pope recipient.Please assist me obtain it back. Regulation enforcement has actually been educated of the scam but i require the watch earlier please help!!!!

Great suffer with Shop2ship. Reliable and also affordable. Great customer service. Very recommended

Customer organization not supportive at all. Havent reply mine email and also live chat not functioning at all. Much better not to use their service. Very disappointed and also waste mine money!

I posted my iphone phone XR because that sale on on facebook marketplace and I to be contacted by some random lady named Lori Vorbek. She offered to pay an ext than what i was asking and offered come pay for shipping together well. She sent me this deal with to ship it to, however I’m glad i did my research. I contacted someone that knows her in genuine life and verified that her account had been hacked and also that it was a scam. The end of all the reviews i’ve read, around 90% of castle are confirmed scams. Never SEND ANYTHING to THIS attend to IF YOU’RE offering SOMETHING ONLINE!

People, dont usage this forwarder company. They are the best Scammers ever. All the 5 stars reviews space fake. I have the worst experience with them.They not send my parcel, they dont reply to my emails and calls. All my parcels space lost and i couldnt call them. THEY room SCAMMERS and also LIERS. It is in AWARE! IF SOMEONE stays IN USA offer this agency to police. Castle cant just scam people!!

Trustworthy and reliable company. Excellent and also caring customer service. Prices space not the lowest but im certain that together they grow the prices will walk lower.Try castle you wont be disappointed!Fast and Most affordable.

All the great reviews on right here they all fake. Lock are simply a scam.i do the efforts to sell my so late father clock and practically fell in the trap. Luckily I recorded it on time. They are using fake cashapp emails also. Please be mindful of this.

Theyre all really helpful and co-operative. They attend to issues yes, really quick. Would recommend for sure

LIKE I said BEFORE! carry out NOT use THIS SHOP2SHIP it IS FAKE FAKE FAKE and also YOU WILL lose YOU MONEY prefer I DID and also ITEAM. THIS place NEEDS TO it is in LOOKED over BY THE FBI! AGAIN, IF YOU space SMART YOU will certainly NOT USE!

I had actually a an extremely nice experience with shop2ship. I will recommend rather to use this service. Their organization is extremely Nice!......

Hi, mine sister sent out two packages to my suite , her name is Eddie Mijares, my name is David palmer ... Y’all haven’t updated it on my suite, I’ve been trying to call you yet it keeps reconnecting, the very first package tracking number is 398830180311, mine suite password is 17979060. The 2nd package, the sender erroneously used 17979050 instead of 17979060 together the suite password so i’m guessing it is the factor why that hasn’t been updated yet, this is the tracking number 398829328411 please attend to the issue, I have the receipt for both packages, thank you. Ps: occupational on your customer organization please, ns wasted a entirety day make the efforts to contact you, invested 2hours ~ above Queue number 2.Please have you looked right into this issue???

John M. Warren3028 brookcrossing DrFayetteville, NC 28306Fred James2229 NW 79th AveSuite 92835279City: MiamiState: FloridaZip code: 33122Country: USAFake paypal scammers

I had a nice suffer with shop2ship. Brilliant and also reliable service. Will avail this organization again. Very recommend

Their service model is to have US sellers ship them was by sending out fake transaction number in e-mails the look choose they are from PayPal. The never ever pay because that the items and also sell lock to civilization outside of the US. If you will notification the ideal reviews space from human being outside the US and the worst reviews space from world inside the US. Ns don’t know why the FBI is no throwing these world in prison.

I was newly scammed of my watch, my rolex to be worth $15,000. Ns was told to send it to this address, however did no recieve mine money that was promised. There has been multiple situations of scams through this company, but they likewise said my watch would be sent back to me tomorrow. Hopefully this is true, If they have the right to hold up your end, I will gladly leave a 5 star review.

SCAM! Lady is at this time trying to buy my wedding dress for she daughter sent me this addressPosting Address - ConfirmedName : Samuel TonyApartment #: 6177 21062229 NW 79th AveMiami, Florida 33122United states of AmericaWanted come pay using PayPal. Looked increase the attend to and witnessed all this. Absolutely knew it was a scam.

Really had a nice suffer with shop2ship. Really fast service. Very recommend guys. Save it up.

Some lady tried come buy mine ps5 because that 1600$! complete on scammer tried come come up through multiple excuses among them being “a gift because that my kid in germany it’s his bday following week” only wanted to do the transaction v email and nothjng else!!! is a legit business. I was scammed by a human to send my $4000 laptop come this address. I never ever received payment because that the laptop that ns was selling. I worked with via their email and they situated my parcel and sent it back to me! I got it simply now!Please dont fall into the trap of scammers making use of fake PayPal emails! If you execute fall, drop an e-mail to ASAP, lock will assist you out!

According come my suffer system introduced is marvelous....i feeling it is many efficient and also reliable service...Im thankful for that...go ahead....

I want to offer no star, I’m incredibly frustrated and also this shoptoship is completely a scam, please don’t acquire fooled prefer I did, thank god ns cancelled the shipping, they are developing fake accounts v Facebook marketplace, Offerup and also trying come scam world by asking to send the product the human being sell however they never send the money, it’s full scam, I wanted to report it, it to be a an extremely bad experience, and also in god’s grace my money acquired saved. You re welcome be careful, additionally I think every the confident reviews are given by your fake ids.

SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!TRIED to buy A PHONE over FACEBOOK and also PAY through PAY-PAL and also HAVE ME ship THE ITEM prior to PAYMENT. SOMETHING simply DIDNT feeling RIGHT, LUCKILY IVE remained in THE cabinet PHONE sector LONG ENOUGH and also I recognize BETTER!! an excellent TRY quiet HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

I am marketing my ns phone one this human sent me this resolve they also sent me this receipt i think that a cheat what your think HelloOn Thu, Oct 8, 2020 in ~ 6:36 AM online Tracking Payment wrote:Hello JerryKindly administer us the tracking number and also the scanned receipt for us to credit transaction your account instantly.We have adjusted it come Friend and Family payment so every you need to do is to get ago to us with the tracking number and also the scanned receipt because that the complete verification of your funds to it is in transferred into your account. As quickly we obtain the details we will make sure that you get your funds.$420.00ReceivedAmount$420.00DestinationCashIdentifier#5QKNYBDNOTE: You have to administer us the delivery tracking number so that your funds have the right to reflect in her account as shortly as possible.SHIPPING ADDRESS- confirmedName: Reggina Jamessuite#869815132229 NW 79th AveMiami, Florida 33122United says of America

Add my package tracking: 1Z610X730329556459Address: cutting board HarrySuite #367019352229 NW 79thMiami, Florida 33122Thank you

I have actually made payment because that shipping the package come me, yet i am yet to receive the tracking number.Kindly help the the FedEx tracking number for shipping the package to Nigeria to enable me monitor the shipment.I have sent collection of mails with no response.My suite number is 34895670I await her response.

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Please stay away from this company!!! They are a complete scam! ns was marketing my laptop on offer and also someone from this agency offered to buy it. Ns didn’t recognize until i did a find on the number and also the surname of the this agency came up. The told me he wanted to to buy the laptop because that his kid in collage, but I checked out the write-up office that ns paid for shipping i advised part Michael male that my component was done and also to you re welcome send me the $200 to my cash app. He then send me a fake email from supposedly cash app saying the funds to be on hold as result of I had actually to prove postage and not to point out the email was in my junk. I never left the short article office due to the fact that I had a feeling this was a scam and also turned out i was right. I had the article office return mine funds and also my laptop and also never transport it. Males please continue to be away native this company and always do her research. If ns can give them negative stars i will!!! SCAMMERS!!!!!

Yes this ar is loaded through scam artist , making use of paypal and also anything to lie to acquire your prouducts so they have the right to resale for the profit, i am v the other person who acquired scammed , ns hope they all burn. Beware .................