Our Mission

come take obligation for each and every orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected dog and also cat i m sorry reaches ours doors; to take them in and shelter them; to provide the finest medical and physical care feasible for them; to nurture them back to health and wellness if need be; and also finally to ar them right into warm, loving, adoptive houses where they have the right to enjoy the lives they deserve.

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Adoption Policy

Visit our website to use for adoption. Friend may, however don't need to indicate a specific animal. You are welcome to protect against by as soon as convenient for you and also at this time we execute not need appointments - castle are wanted however, early to space limitations in the at home cat house and also indoor dog runs. You can call for meeting or schedule one online. The link is on our website. Call is 847-945-0235. For every one of our policies, visit ours website in ~ https://orphansofthestorm.org/adopt/adoption-process/

day hrs
Monday 12-4
Tuesday Appointment only
Wednesday 12-4
Thursday 12-4
Friday 12-4
Saturday 12-4
Sunday 12-4


Submit her Happy Tail

Tell united state the story of how you met her furry ideal friend and aid other pet lovers find the joys of pet adoption!

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