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Primary Phone:(415) 551-7755

Phone:(415) 551-7755

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Bike Parking:Yes


Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Cuisines:American, take Out, Seafood

Alcohol:Beer, Beer, Wine, Wine

Takes Reservations:No

Outdoor Seating:No

Price variety :Average

Good because that Family:Yes

Good because that Kids:Yes



just go, eat everything and also be a happy soul once you leave.2$ oysters on tuesday nights i do not know be beat!

ok, so when they first opened-up, they had actually a sign that stated ""due come the crab yada, yada issue, our all you have the right to eat special is cancelled"". Somehting prefer that. I assumed it was pretty uncool to air out the dirty laundry, for this reason i never ever bothered to walk there.this friday, mine husband passed by and also he claimed that they have lobster rolls, so us should shot it. I"ll it is in darned! the food was excellent. A little pricey, however absolutely excellent.

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I have been below several times and also have constantly enjoyed a an excellent meal. In fact, the cioppino could be the finest I have ever had. It is amazing! mine one takes forever to gain your food. I have actually been once it"s filled and when it"s doesn"t matter. You room waiting for half an hour no issue what.

My husband and also I eat right here a pair of time a week. The crab is fantastic and they have actually the ideal spaghetti in the neighborhood. The new vegetables space grilled perfectly everytime. The staff is friendly and also works together a team to make certain every customer is satisfied. The only downside for me is the they serve food in baskets which is a tiny too casual because that me.

The decor really drew me in since it looks favor a an excellent seafood restaurant. Unfortunately, it"s yes, really a garbage of time and also money. The crab in the cocktail was salty. The cooked dungeness crab to be not good either. The calamari is over-breaded. The cocktail sauce to be decent. Ns won"t walk back.

I have tried this ar twice as it looked cool from the outside. I have actually been disappointed both times. Once I notified the fried clams the tartar sauce was simply mayonaise with nothing rather I can find in it. The company is unfortunatley not lot better. I was brought my examine as i was eating my last bite. Real good to make people feel rushed when the restaurant was empty. Native the external the location looks an excellent but the food walk not match the decor.

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this is a great place because that those yummy cold crabmeat and shrimp salads. It"s gained a good decor top top the inside including a big screen tv that is set into the wall and plays old movies. I liked the ocean motif. Regrettably the server during lunch was so rude to me that the believed of returning transforms my stomach. Together he involved our table to take it our order i asked if the advocado or the artichoke was more popular, and his answer was, ""well, i don"t know. One"s an artichoke and one"s one advocado. You should make a decision."" that was one of those humiliating moments where i to be totally captured off guard, sitting here taking perspective from this smug waiter with obvious anger issues, wondering how far i must take this. Ever before have one of those moment that just ruins her afternoon? this was certainly it.....