With offices all around the world, Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Target operates 1,800 general merchandise discount stores in the US, 40 circulation centers throughout 23 states, and also a fully integrated online business. Target product categories encompass grocery, household, beauty, toys, and also electronics. Target intends to maintain a wanted shopping destination for customers, and the role of a responsible corporate citizens by moral behavior, diversity and also integrity - the for sure respects and values the personality of every team members. Its corporate culture lies ~ above teamwork, nourished through a fast-paced, fun, and friendly atmosphere. Once joining the Target team, friend will have actually the possibility to get involved in supporting neighborhoods through volunteerism, indigenous renovating elementary college libraries and donating food come the hungry, come responding to disasters and reading through students. As a Target team member, her contribution will be rewarded v incentives, such as several health and also financial benefits (medical and pharmacy, dental, and also vision benefits), assistance programs for life events, life insurance, TGT 401(k), vacation, nationwide holidays, personal days and well-being time.
Job summary

General goods Team LeaderApply now (https://target.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/targetcareers/job/2017-Humes-Rd-JanesvilleWI-53545-0204/General-Merchandise-Team-Leader_R0000134933) job ID:R0000134933 task family:Store Hourly management schedule:Variable Location:2017 Humes Rd, Janesville, Wisconsin, united States, 53545-0204;


As component of our collaborative and guest-obsessed team, you assist us produce an experience that makes guests to speak “I love Target!” as soon as you work-related at Target, you’re help every family find the joy in daily life. You’re working alongside a specialized team that cares, grows and wins together. A team the is inclusive, provides connections, and also brings your passion and also pride to all that they do. You delight our guests and are ready to help with item that are instock and also priced correctly ensuring guests have actually an enjoyable experience both in stores and online.

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Experts that operations, process and performance who allow a continual experience for our guests by ensuring product is set, in-stock, correctly priced and signed ~ above the sales floor. The basic Merchandise and also Food Sales team leads inbound, outbound, replenishment, list accuracy, presentation, pricing and promotional signing processes for all general Merchandise (GM) locations of the store. This team leader Food & Beverage and Food Service, providing a fresh and food safe experience. Experts enable efficient delivery to our guest by owning pick, pack and ship fulfillment work.

At Target, we think in ours team members having systematic experiences that assist them build and also develop an abilities for a career. The role of a basic Merchandise Team Leader can carry out you with the:

Knowledge of guest business fundamentals and experience building a guest first society on her team

Knowledge of retail company fundamentals including: room sales trends, inventory management, guest to buy patterns, pricing and promotions strategies

Skills in plan department(s) daily/weekly workload come support business priorities and deliver sales goals

Skills in procedure improvements and also workload efficiency

Experience top a team that hourly team members; including skills in interviewing, developing, coaching, evaluating and retaining talent

As a general Merchandise Team Leader,no two days are ever before the same, yet a typical day will many likely encompass the following responsibilities:

Demonstrate a service culture that prioritizes the guest company experience. Model, train and coach expectation to supply the company standard

Understand sales goals, plan and also execute daily/weekly workload to deliver on department and store sales goals and also guest engagement, including: merchandising, pricing, transitions, revisions, sales plans, sampling, promotions and also price change

Enable a continual experience for our guests by ensuring product is zoned, in stock, available, accurately priced and signed ~ above the sales floor

Enable efficient shipment to our guest by top pick, pack and also ship fulfillment work-related (if applicable)

Assess GM backroom, sales floor areas and fulfillment reporting to recognize gaps and also develop a setup to resolve

Be an professional of operations, accuracy, process and efficiency

Oversee execution of processes in inbound, outbound, replenishment, list accuracy, presentation, pricing and also promotional signing procedures for select GM areas of the store

Responsible for working v Closing teams to identify key priorities and also ensure the save is guest ready

Create a scheduling plan in partnership through your ETL based turn off of monthly and also weekly business workload and guest traffic

Expect and enable team members to remain up-to-date on relevant trends and also products

Evaluate and also recommend candidates for open up positions and also develop a team of committed business owners

Lead team onboarding and learning and also close knowledge gaps with training and also experiences

Establish clean goals and expectations and also hold team members accountable to expectations

Lead and coach the team to ensure accuracy and also efficiency in every GM processes

Work a schedule that aligns to guest and also business requirements (this includes early morning, evening, overnight shifts and also weekends)

Lead a team that provide a guest-ready and also in-stock salesfloor in bespeak to accomplish the requirements of the guest.

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Assess Fulfillment business and also make decision to assist teams meet all guest orders accurately and also efficiently

Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through constant development, modeling inclusive behaviors, and proactively managing bias

Demonstrate a society of honest conduct, safety and also compliance; lead and hold the team accountable to work-related in the very same way

If applicable, as a an essential carrier, follow all safe and also secure training and processes

Address store requirements (emergency, regulatory visits, etc.)

All other duties based upon business needs


We can be a good match if:

Working in a fun and also energetic setting makes friend excited…. We job-related efficiently and as a team to deliver for our guests

Providing company to our guest that makes them say ns LOVE TARGET! excites you…. That’s why us love working at Target

Leading teams who are stocking, setup and selling Target commodities sounds prefer your thing… That’s the core of what we do

You aren’t in search of Monday thru Friday project where you are at a computer system all day… We space busy every day (yes, even on the weekends), do it basic for the guest to feel welcomed, inspired and rewarded

The good news is that we have some exceptional training that will assist teach you whatever you require to recognize tobe a basic Merchandise Team Leader. But, there are a couple of skills friend should have actually from the get-go:

High institution diploma or equivalent

Must it is in at the very least 18 years of age or older

Previous retail suffer preferred, but not required

Lead and also hold rather accountable

Learn and also adapt to current an innovation needs

Work independently and also as part of a team

Manage workload and also prioritize tasks independently

Welcoming and also helpful attitude

Effective communication skills

We are an awesome location to work and also care about our teams, for this reason we want to make sure we room clear on a couple of more basics that we expect:

Interpret instructions, reports and also information

Accurately take care of cash it is registered operations

Climb up and down ladders

Scan, handle and also move goods efficiently and safely, including generally lifting or moving merchandise up to 40 pounds

Flexible occupational schedule (e.g., nights, weekends and holidays) and regular attendance necessary

Americans through Disabilities act (ADA)

Target will administer reasonable accommodations (such as a qualified sign language interpreter or other an individual assistance) v the application procedure upon your request as compelled to comply v applicable laws. If you have a disability and require assistance in this applications process, please visit your nearest Target keep or Distribution center or reach out to Guest solutions at 1-800-440-0680 for additional information.