Directions:Take the 1, 2, 3, 9, N, R, S, or Q subway come 42nd Street, then walk phibìc on Broadway to 45th Street.Entrance: 45th Street, between 7th and 8th AveThe Minskoff Theatre is situated on the southwest edge of 45th Street and also 7th Avenue. The enntrance gate is in a pedestrian alley that runs native 44th to 45th Street.Box Office Hours:Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8:30pmSunday: 12pm - 6pm

The Minskoff Theatre has a seating volume of 1,621 seats. The sight-lines are excellent in this theater

Minskoff Theatre Seating Chart


The closestly parking is not constantly the best as it often takes much longer to park and retrieve your automobile as other theatre goers have the exact same idea. A better choice the parking might be the 2nd choice or additional away through a pair of Avenues.

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The enntrance gate to the Minskoff Theatre is at street level. The coat check, concessions, and spacious restrooms can be found up top top the third level, where the theater proper is located.

Landlord: Nederlander Organization

Official Ticketer: Ticketmaster

Notes: theatre is top top the third floor and also the lobby has actually a good view the Time Square.

Elevator: Yes

Escalator: Yes

Disabled accessibility Notes: one elevator to the Mezzanine is situated in the key lobby and also is designated for guest v disabilities. Wheelchair accessible seats deserve to be located in the rear of the Orchestra and Mezzanine sections, and also do no involve stairs.


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The Minskoff Theatre, which was designed by architecture firm Kahn and Jacobs, is on the third floor the One Astor Plaza. The fifty-five story office high-rise is named for the Minskoffs, the family members that built and also owns it. The theatre was opened in 1973 and was draft in a modern style. The is perhaps finest known to continuous playgoers together the theater in the "wind tunnel," a nickname for the large walkway that connects 44th and also 45th streets, and also in i m sorry the soil floor enntrance gate to the Minskoff is found. The Minskoff Theatre is under the direction the James Nederlander and Myron Minskoff and also is ideal suited for large musicals.

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Since the actual theater (which you obtain to via a huge escalator from package office entrance) is thirty-five feet up, the Minskoff supplies a spectacular check out of time Square from the former glass windows of the upstairs lobby. The style of the auditorium is defined by the simplicity, through charcoal gray seats the are huge and comfortable and an interior that is all white and also gold.