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Rocklumber Music Hall Stage Zero

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Bike Parking:Yes

Alcohol:Full Bar

Outdoor Seating:No

Price Range :Average



I virtually hate to tell you just how great this area is...It"s already also renowned currently. Rightcompletely so, and it"s ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC. Ken Rockhardwood has actually managed to rotate a closet right into a concert hevery one of sound and Tommy, the booker, has actually a knack for booking THE BEST talent in NYC. The Regular bar staff is super friendly - it"s prefer stepping right into the perfect little bit sphere of live music. The only difficulty is that through perfection comes popularity and through popularity comes substantial crowds consisting of music industry peeps - one thing that becomes a drag at the currently TINY venue. A little price to pay for an intimate night through truly remarkable musicians.

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Wonderful intimate venue on the LES showcasing consistently great singer/songauthors and also neighborhood bands. Almeans a chilled (however rocking) environment - this is not your grunge and also warm lager form venue. Many customers drink from the brief, but well selected, wine list, offered by the (generous) glass or bottle, but an excellent selection of bottled beers and liquor. Never had actually a difficulty through other customers (unlike among the various other reviews) - they"re typically a quiet, attentive, mellow bunch enjoying the music whenever before I"m there. hey do not serve food any kind of even more (which is an excellent pity) and also the drinks prices are a tiny on the high side, yet as there"s no cover, and also for the constant quality of the music, I"m happy to pay!

My gf and also I went right here last Friday night to watch a particular musician percreate. The show itself was really great. The sound quality was excellent and it was certainly a nice hang out spot......IF YOU GET THERE EARLY. Otherwise, it becomes extremely crowded largely with top class, rich froo froos that don"t have manners. We had actually a problem through one couple who deliberately stood right in front of us, blocking our check out of the stage. The drink prices were likewise VERY HIGH. I phelp $5 simply for ONE bottle of residential beer!! Big rip-off for a little lounge such as Rockwood. I would certainly only recommfinish this location if one of your favorite musicians are percreating there and also you do not feel choose paying a cover charge. Rockhardwood never charges a cover charge, but their drink prices consist of for that.

That last testimonial had it nailed. This place is fabulous; good service, excellent drinks(eat before you come), and the music line-up is a dream. If tright here is an artist you specifically desire to watch than perform come eadepend to obtain seats. I remained from 7-midnight and also had a blast, once i left the area was still hopping.

This is the quintvital room to hear praiseworthy music in NYC. It"s rumored that musicians are offering their eardrums to play right here. The line-ups will certainly store you engaged. The warmth ambiance improves the full listening endure. The attention dedicated to sound is impeccable. It is evident that the proprietor has actually an endmuch less pool of respect for the performers" craft. Check out the wine list and artistically all set mediterranean food. The pannini selections are succulent and also the homemade guacamole is superb. I heard a pair of newcomers ask if they might take the chef house through them!

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