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DescriptionManages and also protects the state"s fish, wildlife, plant and native habitats. That is responsible for associated recreational, commercial, scientific, and educational uses. It likewise works to stop illegal poaching. Issues fishing and also hunting licenses.Stockton Office go not issue commercial fishing licenses.
Physical Address1740 North sector Boulevard Sacramento CA95834 unified States
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Hours of OperationWebsite available 24 hrs a dayOnline patent Sales and Service: licenses Sales phone call Support: Monday-Friday 5am-4pm; Saturday 5am-2pm.Email digital License Sales questions Supports (InternetSales Monday-Friday 8am-5pmMon: 8am 4:30pmTue: 8am 4:30pmWed: 8am 4:30pmThu: 8am 4:30pmFri: 8am 4:30pm
EligibilityResident the California because that six constant months, non resident, disabled Veteran, 65 year or older meeting annual income requirements, low income Native American or mobility impaired, blind or developmentally disabled
Program FeesCall for information or visit website for listing; complimentary Fishing Days room July 1 and also September 2
Documents RequiredCall for information
Programs in ~ this agencyCalifornia Victim Compensation BoardDepartment of motor Vehicles (DMV)California Highway PatrolState special needs Insurance (SDI)California Geological survey (CGS)State road ConditionsLabor BoardCalifornia"s low Cost auto Insurance routine (CLCA)Governor"s Office of homeland SecurityMedical board of CaliforniaMedi-Cal Dentist Referral LineDental plank of CaliforniaHIV/AIDS, STD, & Hepatitis HotlineDepartment that AgingElectronic benefit Transfer ProjectDepartment that Corrections and also Rehabilitation - special amnesty OfficeDepartment of consumer Affairs (DCA)Division of occupational Safety and also Health (DOSH)Department of InsuranceSafely Surrender baby ProgramCalifornia LifeLine Telephone/Wireless ProgramsDepartment of transport (Caltrans)Department that Corrections and also Rehabilitation - Inmate LocatorCOVID-19 info Hotline (COVID19.CA.GOV)Adult Protective solutions HotlineFoster care Ombudsperson HotlineExpansion of CalFresh come SSI/SSP RecipientsCalifornia volunteer COVID-19Friendship line CaliforniaMedi-Nurse LineMyTurn ( COVID-19 Vaccine document
Contact Information
Mailing Address1740 North sector Boulevard Sacramento CA95834 unified States
Toll free Number888-773-8450
Phone warm Line888-334-2258
Stockton Office209-234-3420
Bay Delta region 3 Number707-428-2002
North main Region 2 Number916-358-2900
License and also Revenue Branch Number916-928-5805
Main email Addressaskbdr

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Sites supplying this ProgramCalifornia department of Fish and also Wildlife - Stockton - Arch plane RoadCalifornia room of Fish and Wildlife - License and also Revenue BranchCalifornia department of Fish and also Wildlife - bay Delta region 3California department of Fish and also Wildlife - North main Region 2