The college has actually four comprehensive campuses that carry out lower-division college deliver courses, two-year associate level programs and also career/technical training programs. Additionally, the expanded Learning regimen serves student district-wide in ~ a selection of locations. Had are credit transport programs, labor force Training and also Development, Adult an easy Skills, English for speaker of other Languages (ESOL), ar Education, career Pathways and alternative high institution programs. Campuses and centers are strategically situated throughout the ar to be in ~ easy access of residents.

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Cascade Campus

705 N. Killingsworth StreetPortland, OR’s Cascade Campus is located in the heart of north Portland and serves around 15,900 students each year. Its neighborhood is diverse, lively and close-knit. The campus supplies a full array of educational offerings, including the very first two year of the college courses wherein students have the right to earn an combine degree and also a large array that career-technical degrees and also certificate offerings.

Rock Creek Campus

17705 NW Springville RoadPortland, OR

While rock Creek has a Portland address, that sits around 12 mile west the downtown in the rapidly cultivation Beaverton-Hillsboro area that Washington County. The 260-acre campus offers a beautiful setup for both university transfer and career-technical programs and also annually serves practically 19,600 students. The campus gives a model for partnerships v area high schools. A freshly renovated scientific research and an innovation building dwellings classroom and laboratory instruction.

Southeast Campus

2305 SE 82nd AvenuePortland, OR

Thanks come the bond measure up passed by voters in 2008, southeast Campus has more than double its dimension from 94,000 to 200,000 square feet and also expanded its class offerings, allowing its 11,000 students to complete an associate or transfer level without travel to one more campus. A affluent blend of society is reflected in the ar the campus serves, consisting of a growing number of Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Latino, Russian and Ukrainian families. More than 48 language are talked on the 18-acre campus.

Sylvania Campus

12000 SW 49th AvenuePortland, OR

Sylvania is located in suburban Southwest Portland in between Lake Oswego, Tigard and downtown Portland. That is"s very first campus and also its largest, serving around 21,700 college student annually, and is home for many lower division transfer, career technological education and developmental education programs. The library and theater infrastructure are focal distance points of the campus.

CLIMB facility for Advancement

1626 SE Water AvenuePortland, OR

The CLIMB center for Advancement, previously known together the central Portland Workforce maintain Center, is a 31,000-square-foot facility close to OMSI in main eastside Portland. CLIMB, i beg your pardon stands for continuous Learning for Individuals, Management and also Business, offers continuing education and also professional maintain for wellness professionals, small business owners, managers and work teams. The center provides access to a broad variety of training areas and also facilities that accomplish the latest in market standards and technical capabilities.

Hillsboro education Center

775 SE Baseline StreetHillsboro, OR

Located in downtown Hillsboro, the center houses four classrooms with advanced audio/visual equipment and also a 30-station computer system lab. A range of transport courses room offered along with classes in computers and graphic design. Pre-college reading, writing and math are also offered. English for speakers of other Languages (ESOL) great are reserved throughout the year. Scholastic advising and placement trial and error are accessible during normal service hours.

Newberg Center

135 Werth BoulevardNewberg, OR

Open in 2011, the Newberg facility is ranked LEED Platinum because that its sustainability features. That is roughly 12,000 square feet and also includes five classrooms, a conference room, administrative room and a agree area. The college provides credit and also non-credit courses, consisting of arts and letters, social science, math, science, developmental reading, writing, and also math, computers and business.

Portland urban Workforce maintain Center

5600 NE 42nd AvenuePortland, OR

The Portland metropolitan Workforce Training center is located in northeast Portland and primarily houses Workforce Network, specializing in helping businesses accomplish human sources needs and job seekers with job development. The network has Steps to Success, Dislocated Worker Program and also the subway One Stop, all giving a comprehensive array that employment and also training. Indict is available in Adult Basic Education, ESOL, task readiness preparation, task development, short-term training, internships, alcohol and also drug/mental health and wellness assessment, and also referral, and also computer education.

Swan Island Trades Center

6400 N. Cutter CirclePortland, OR

The Swan Island Trades facility is a 20,000-square-foot facility real estate the Apprenticeship and Trades department. The center, Cascade Campus and also CLIMB Center, all coordinate continuing education, training, retraining and professional breakthrough for Swan Island businesses. Programs include Facilities maintenance Technology, framework Maintenance an innovation and HVAC Installers, Millwright, industrial Mechanics, minimal Maintenance Electrician, manufacturing Plant Electrician and Stationary engineer apprenticeships, and the restricted Building maintain Electrician training program.

Willow Creek Center

241 SW Edgeway DriveBeaverton, OR

Located ~ above TriMet’s blue MAX line, the 100,000 square-foot willow Creek center serves together a one-stop for the unemployed and under-employed, and also houses programs from the old Washington ar Workforce cultivate Center and also partner agencies. Programming at the site contains GED classes, Certified nursing Assistant Training, clinical Assisting and also Emergency medical Services. That is cornerstone is the acclaimed Washington county Workforce Development. Established in 1995, this department provides training and employment services for unemployment workers.

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Columbia county Center

34001 NE Wagner Ct.Scappoose, OR

The location homes’s OMIC cultivate Center, i m sorry connects students to careers in progressed manufacturing and offers skills training. The new training basic is the college"s very first permanent physical ar in Columbia County and also will organize a selection of educational opportunities and collaborate with industry partners.