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Retail home For Lease

an are Available 13,000 SF Date obtainable Sep 2013
Space type Neighborhood center Max. Contiguous 21,000 SF

13,000 SF cost-free standing retail structure that at this time occupied by a flooring agency as showroom. There is a extr 8,000 SF. Warehouse through loading dock. Terrific exposure on us 41 with high website traffic counts.

16133 S. Tamiami Trail, fort Myers, FL 33908


collection Street cross Street traffic Volume Year distance
South Tamiami Trail Forest Blvd 54,235 2020 0.08 mi
S Tamiami Trl Island Park Rd 62,019 2020 0.30 mi
Island Park Rd S Tamiami Trl 7,677 2018 0.40 mi
Michael G Rippe Parkway Briarcliff Ln 27,620 2020 0.49 mi
Briarcliff Rd Red Fox Run 4,215 2018 0.59 mi
South Tamiami Trail Miami St 52,227 2020 0.71 mi
South Tamiami Trail Hendry Creek Dr 59,759 2020 0.91 mi
Island Park Road Eagle Trce 1,504 2020 1.06 mi
Alico Road Alico Rd 24,253 2020 1.06 mi
Briarcliff Road Shamrock Dr 4,112 2020 1.13 mi


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