After a 6 year hiatus, 16 and also Pregnant is returning to MTV via a brand new actors. Like the original show, the reboot will certainly follow young, expecting moms and also their partners throughout pregnancy and also into parenthood. But it will also attribute footage via household members, aiming to capture the bigger influence of teen pregnancy.

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"We are sharing the stories of a new generation of young parental fees and also underscoring the influence of an unplanned pregnancy on families — past the moms and dads-to-be — by reflecting authentic and also intimate moments with siblings and grandparents-to-be addressing the life adjust,” Nina L. Diaz, president and also chief creative content officer for ViacomCBS Entertainment and also Youth Group, shelp in a push release per The Wrap. Here are the 6 womales (and also families) you"ll accomplish as soon as the series premieres on Oct. 6.

Madisen Beith

Madisen is from a tiny, conservative town in Arkansas referred to as Heber Springs, which she described as a "judgey" place in a sneak peek shared by MTV. That could be why, after obtaining pregnant, she decided to drop out of high college and earn her GED. She resides with her single dad and a family members friend after shedding their home to a fire, and she and her boyfrifinish, Christian, are parents to seven-month-old daughter Camille.

Rachelle Perez

According to Rachelle"s Instagram, she"s from Los Angeles, The golden state. She and her boyfrifinish Chase Keough are parents to daughter Boston, who"s nine months old. They obtained pregnant after only a month of dating, which initially led to tension in Rachelle"s family members. According to Chase"s Instagram, he"s an individual trainer and also astronomical Boston Red Sox fan, which defines their daughter"s name.

Maddie Everhart

Maddie and her fiancé Korey Wisemale welcomed their daughter Kaezleigh on Feb. 12. They"re from San Antonio, Texas and also Korey is an aspiring musician. 16 and Pregnant will certainly explore exactly how Maddie and Korey"s engagement nearly fractured Maddie"s relationship via her mother.

Kali Collette

Hailing from La Porte, Indiana, Kali has actually been via her boyfrifinish Auston for 2 years. They had actually their child Bodhi, aka Beau, on June 6. You have the right to check out Beau"s extremely own Instagram below. According to an MTV press release, they ruburned to move in together after learning they were pregnant, which caused department in between their households.

Camryn Fields

Camryn"s boyfrifinish is additionally named Cameron, so they speak to themselves the Cams. The 2 are from Michigan, and welcomed their daughter Sadie on June 28, per Cameron"s Instagram. According to an MTV push release, Cameron lost his job amid the coronavirus pandemic and had actually to move in through Camryn and her mom, that he"s clamelted via in the past. The present will follow the 3 as they attempt to collection their concerns aside, while Cameron and Camryn conlayout if they need to acquire a place of their own.

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Kasmonyae Harris

Kasmonyae, who goes by Kash, freshly graduated from high college in Avondale, Arizona and is mommy to daughter Nova. She does not appear to be on social media, but according to an MTV push release, the show will certainly track how parenthood and also the pandemic tests her connection via Nova"s father, Nate.