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 The Spruce / Katie Begley

Our 2-year-old boy loves the mattress. He had been sleeping on a traditional spring mattress that was very firm and also getting as much as come in ours bed in ~ least 4 nights every week. Us attributed it to a sleep regression, sports in his schedule, and also his background as a an overwhelming sleeper together a baby. Yet after switching to the Zinus memory Foam eco-friendly Tea Mattress, he was happy come go back to sleep in his very own bed also when the did wake up in the center of the night. He even started sleeping all the way through the night consistently! This mattress dramatically adjusted his top quality of sleep due to the fact that he began using it four weeks ago.

The best endorsement that the Zinus memory Foam 12 Inch environment-friendly Tea Mattress that us can offer is our reclaimed sleep since our 2-year-old is resting so well on it each night.

When us slept top top the mattress, us noticed a huge difference in between this mattress and also the firm classic mattress. That supports just where we need it to and contours fine to our bodies while we sleep. It is also easy to acquire up indigenous the mattress there is no disturbing others who are resting on it. This was an important for us due to the fact that we many often discovered ourselves resting on it v our toddler. If girlfriend purchased the in a larger size to use for two adults, the same attribute would do it straightforward for you to move roughly or gain up there is no waking up the other person.

Material: Odor-free sleep

One that the functions that to adjust the Zinus memory Foam 12-Inch eco-friendly Tea twin Mattress personally from various other deliver-to-the-door mattresses is the environmentally-friendly material. The mattress supplies memory foam that is CertiPUR-US, an interpretation that it is certified for both durability and also performance, and the materials it is make from. Zinus uses BioFoam, i m sorry is made through plant-based options to petroleum-based products. Reducing perhaps harmful chemistry in our house is necessary for ours family.

Green tea extract is provided in the mattress product to mitigate odors and also bacteria growth. The mattress also has herbal castor seed oil and also ActivCharcoal to also help manage odors and also bacteria. Since we are using this mattress because that our young son, these additional components do us favor this mattress over few of its competitors.

Thickness: great for many beds

The 12-inch thickness of the Zinus storage Foam environment-friendly Tea twin Mattress is an excellent on many beds. The storage foam is split into 4 layers: a 3-inch storage foam layer, a 2-inch comfort foam layer, a 3 ½-inch high-density foam layer, and also a 3 ½-inch high-density base assistance foam layer. This translates right into a very supportive mattress the is plush and also soft enough to conform to each sleeper. As soon as we applied pressure through our hands, the felt a tiny bit firmer than other memory foam mattresses the we have actually tested, yet once extended out on it, it had a similar feel.


 The Spruce / Katie Begley

Keep in mind the the 12-inch dimension will not job-related for the trundle that a daybed if you intend to stow the lower bed ~ use. If you desire to push the trundle back underneath that companion bed, the 12-inch size will most likely be also high. Zinus provides a similar product in a 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch height. We use this mattress top top a trundle bed in ours son’s room however only because we intended to store it expanded day and also night.

Durability: High-quality materials

The products used in the construction of the Zinus memory Foam green Tea pair Mattress were also designed v durability in mind. The 2 high-density foam layers, which do up an ext than fifty percent of its 12-inch height, provide for airflow v the mattress as well as strong base support to ensure the holds up well over time.

During the one-month test period, we did not see any type of sort of wear or lasting indentations the made us question its durability. Some users claimed they noticed part wear and also loss of support in the mattress after 2 years or more. The 10-year worry-free, replacement warranty additionally puts ours minds at ease regarding construction or workmanship.

Price: Fantastic!

Memory foam mattresses can be very pricey and you should also expect come pay for the convenience of having them packaged and also delivered appropriate to her door. That is why us were therefore surprised to check out the affordable price sign of the Zinus storage Foam 12 Inch green Tea Mattress. 


The Spruce / Katie Begley 

Similar mattresses price over $500. Us did not see any kind of difference between the deluxe memory foam mattresses and also the more affordable Zinus storage Foam green Tea twin Mattress. 

We invite our visiting family members members to test the Zinus memory Foam eco-friendly Tea Mattress and the Casper storage Foam mattress, a comparable product that costs about $600 because that a 12-inch twin size. As soon as covered through fitted sheets, our family members members couldn’t tell the difference in between the two mattresses.

Competition: classic or storage foam

Zinus 8-Inch Hybrid eco-friendly Tea Foam and also Spring pair Mattress: We previously supplied the 8-inch hybrid mattress in ours son’s room. The economical (just end $100) and comfortable enough. But after sleeping on Zinus’ 12-inch memory foam mattress, we wish we had actually spent simply a little bit more in the beginning for a much much more comfortable night’s sleep. Unless you space really collection on a timeless mattress, we recommend going with Zinus’ slightly more expensive but much more comfortable 12-inch memory foam option.

Casper pair Mattress: We likewise tested the Casper twin mattress. Choose the Zinus storage foam mattress, the comes appropriate to your door in certain packaging and also expands ~ unpacking. After resting on both for about a month, us didn’t see much difference between the two mattresses except the price tag. The Casper option costs much more than double the Zinus mattress. Casper gives you a 100-night totally free trial of their product. But, also if you’re no sure around memory foam, us didn’t think a hassle-free return procedure should cost around $300.

Yes, buy it.

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Given its environmentally-friendly materials, comfortable design, and an excellent price, we setup to acquisition the Zinus storage Foam 12 Inch eco-friendly Tea twin Mattress for every one of our children’s pair beds.