Our infrastructure are every open and also we proceed to have actually safety actions in place in accordance through state regulations, including masks at all Kaiser Permanente locations.

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Accessibility: P, EB, IB, R, E, TThis facility fulfills simple and clinical equipment access standards.These access standards also apply come the following buildings:910 Marshall St (Maple Building)Accessibility: P, EB, IB, R, E, T1190 Veterans Blvd (Cypress Building) meets the following accessibility standards:
Accessibility: P, EB, IB, R, E, T905 Maple Street (Marshall clinical Offices) meets the following access standards:Accessibility: P, EB, IB, R, E, T
This facility fulfills limited accessibility standards.(What are accessibility standards?)National Provider identifier (NPI)
1386714814California license Number
California license Name
Kaiser foundation Hospital - Redwood CityRedwood City IP Pharmacy - 1100 Veterans Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Room #3S52Pharmacy license: HSP 52166Pharmacy NPI: 1184029324Redwood City Oncology Pharmacy - 1190 Veterans Boulevard, Floor 2, Room 110Pharmacy license: PHY 51925Pharmacy NPI: 1396150298Redwood Cypress mob OP Pharmacy - 1150 Veterans BoulevardPharmacy license: PHY 30676Pharmacy NPI: 1750438073
situated at the corner of Veterans Blvd. And also Walnut St.The Emergency Department provides urgent/emergent health care services to all age groups 24 hrs a day, 7 job a week.If you think you have actually a clinical or psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
If you desire to speak v an advice nurse, please carry out not usage this website. Instead, please call the Appointment and also Advice Call center at (650) 299-2015.
Phone numbers info 650-299-2200 TTY 1-800-735-2922 (toll-free TTY because that the hearing/speech impaired)
Hours:Weekends 9 a.m. Come 5 p.m. By meeting onlyWeeknights and also Holidays, Please speak to the call facility for meeting 650-299-2015
Marshall medical Offices, 905 Maple St (enter underground parking native Marshall Ct.), fourth Floor, Dept. 400Redwood City, CA 94063
for sure medication disposal: This Kaiser Permanente pharmacy has a self-service kiosk where you deserve to dispose that your unwanted prescriptions. Learn more about how to properly and safely dispose of undesirable or expired medication.Members have the right to refill digital or by utilizing our letter order solutions at kp.org/rxrefill.Pharmacy form : Retail

Phone numbers Information/Refill 650-299-2234 Mail-order Pharmacy 1-888-218-6245 (toll free)

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Safe medicine disposal: This Kaiser Permanente pharmacy has a self-service kiosk whereby you deserve to dispose the your unwanted prescriptions. Learn much more about just how to properly and safely dispose of unwanted or expired medication.