Village Park, Wellington, Florida

Village Park, also commonly described as Pierson Park, is situated in Wellington Florida, and sits ~ above 114 acres. A bulk of the recreational programs the Wellington has to offer take place at town Park, prefer soccer, basketball, baseball, and also football.

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Besides every one of the different sporting fields, village Park additionally has 2 gymnasiums, a playground, 2 hockey rinks, a skate park, volleyball courts, and trails. There space restrooms and also concession structures throughout the whole park together with pavilions, benches, and also picnic tables.

Village Park is a an excellent place to organize a birthday party, meet friends come hang the end for the day, or watch a sporting event.

Village Park | 11700 Pierson road Wellington, FL 33414 | 791-4005

For other parks in Wellington Florida visit: Wellington Florida Parks

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