Amid the beautifully landscaped gardens, flowering pots, hanging baskets and also showing pools, this lively park on the financial institutions of the Great Miami River offers a area for those who live, job-related and also play downtvery own to attach to nature.Grab a Link bike and head over to the park to enjoy this city retreat 365 days a year. The park hosts a complete selection of year-round tasks from summer concerts to ice skating, redevelopment programs to large area festivals. RiverScape is a area that not just preserves glimpses of the city’s origins yet one that embraces modern-day innovation and evolves via the needs of the vibrant and also linked neighborhoods that surround it.

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Pavilion, Bike Hub & Ice Rink237 E. Monument Ave., Dayton, OH 45402

Interenergetic Fountains and also Snack Bar111 E. Monument Ave., Dayton, OH 45402

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HoursOpen 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Fountain Snack BarThe Fountain Snack Bar will operate Saturday, May 29 – Sunday, September 5, 2021. Hours will certainly be: Fridays 11:30am – 8pm; Saturdays 11am – 8pm; Sundays 11am – 5pm.

Interactive FountainThe interenergetic fountain will be set off on June 7, 2021.

The Five Rivers Fountain of LightsThe fountains operate for 10-minute intervals at the peak of the hour, Mon.-Fri., 6:55 AM-9:55 PM and also weekends 10:55 AM-9:55 PM Memorial Day with Labor Day; in 2021, the fountains will run via September 26. Ice Rink

RiverScape Paddling RentalsCurrently closed.

RiverScape Bike RentalsSaturday, May 29, to Sunday, Sept. 5. Reservations are forced for the Monday with Friday rentals (obtainable from 9 AM to 5 PM); walk-ups are embraced on Saturdays and also Sundays (obtainable from 9 AM to 2 PM).

RiverScape Bike Hub

Music at Lunch Music at Lunch has went back for the 2021 seachild. Live music will certainly be perdeveloped from Tuesday, June 1, via Friday, Sept. 3, on Tuesdays via Fridays from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

RiverScape CaféThe Cafe will certainly run from Tuesday, June 1 – Friday, September 3, 2021. Hours will be Tuesdays – Fridays from 11:30am – 1:30pm.

ParkingMetered parking is cost-free weekdays after 6 PM and all day on the weekends. There are more than 30 parking garages/lots in the downtown area. View interactive parking map.

Pet PolicyDogs are welcome, yet, for the security and comfort of all patrons, they have to be leamelted and also under regulate at all times. We ask that guests please leave their pets at residence throughout events.

Park Features

Cycle-logical Center

RiverScape MetroPark sits at the junction of the Great Miami River and Mad River Trail on the nation’s largest paved trail network-related and connects to the on-street infrastructure in downtown Dayton. Don’t have a bike? Rent one! RiverScape Rentals offers bikes, boy seats and trailers on weekends from Memorial Day via Labor Day. Ride the Great Miami River Bikemethod southern and also visit historical Carillon Park or go north to scenic Island also MetroPark. The Bike Hub offers commuters on 2 wheels secure bike lockers, showers and restrooms.

The Pavilion

Intimate music and also dance performances happen routinely throughout the summer in this outdoor venue on the banks of the Great Miami River. Take a break from the hustle and bustle for live lunchtime music in nature from May with September. Summer likewise features bigger Big Band, gradual bluegrass and R&B concerts on select Thursday and Friday nights in the pavilion. Bring your very own chair, as seating is restricted throughout these events. 

River Run

RiverScape River Run opens up the downtvery own river to a beautiful seven-mile paddle from Easthardwood MetroPark on the Mad River, via downtown to the Carillon Historical Park and also College of Dayton location. A dangerous low dam in the Great Miami River situated close to the Dayton Art Institute was rerelocated and also two structures that span the river have actually been constructed, each with two passageways: one smooth-water passageway for novice paddlers and also one whitewater play feature for even more experienced paddlers. The project additionally permits civilization to fish, sunbathe and gain the river downtown in brand-new methods.

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Dayton Inventors River Walk

The Dayton Inventors River Walk consists of seven development stations alengthy Monument Avenue and also Patterboy Boulevard that celebrate Dayton innovations, sometimes in surprising means. And Dayton has actually scores even more stories of creation to tell. These stories include that of Joe Desch, who cracked the German “Enigma” code and also put the Allies on course for victory in World War II, also as of the beginnings of cellophane, digital watches, recycled newsprint, Freon and “Star Wars” technology.

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Sheltered under the spanned pavilion, the Ice Rink steps 70 feet by 150 feet and sets the scene as a perfect winter wonderland also in downtvery own Dayton. Skate via family members and also friends all winter long! Open from the Friday after Thanksgiving with February every year.

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Interactive Fountains

On hot summer days, kids deserve to enjoy water play in the interenergetic fountains located in RiverScape’s Festival Plaza. Multiple fountain jets shoot water as high as 20 feet into the air choreographed to the sounds of family members friendly music. Open daily Memorial Day via Labor Day, 11 AM-8 PM.

Five Rivers Fountain of Lights

The Five Rivers Fountain of Lights is developed by 5 water jets hoprovided in concrete towers and a powerful facility geyser. The towers straddle the confluence of the Great Miami and also Mad rivers simply eastern of the Riverside Bridge and shoot 2,500 gallons of water per minute toward the facility of the river. The central geyser rises from the jets to a majestic 200 feet in the air. Covering 395,000 square feet across an 800-foot diameter, the Five Rivers Fountain of Lights is one of the largest fountains in the people.

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Festival Grounds

RiverScape expands to the surrounding roadways for massive community festivals such as the Celtic Fest and also the city of Dayton’s Lights in Flight. Streets fill via steras for music and entertainers, as well as vendors featuring social display screens, food trucks and also merchandise. A festival-goer’s delight!

Urban Landscaping

RiverScape is a beautiful garden that consists of hanging baskets, life-dimension flower pots and also beds overflowing with annuals, perennials and tropical plants. Many kind of of the plants are labeled with botanical and common names so that you deserve to be influenced for your very own house garden. Urban dwellers with little space have certain landscaping needs and also constraints. Get inspiration and also guidance from the plantings at RiverScape and throughout the pedestrian bridge at Deeds Point.

River Run Mural

The northern floodwall facing RiverScape attributes a vibrant mural. Designed by Oaklumber resident Amy Deal, it covers the 16-foot-tall, virtually 1,000-foot-long flood wall through imeras including bicyclists, wildlife and also kayakers. The River Run Mural will match RiverScape River Run, a project that will certainly rearea the low dam via in-river flow manage frameworks that double as recreational paddle sport networks. The 2015 project was made possible through the support of the CareSource Foundation, The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and Cox Media Group Ohio.

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RiverScape is wheelchair available. Wheelchairs are welcome on the ice rink. RiverScape MetroPark got a certificate of excellence from the Access Center Dayton in recognition of our initiatives to encertain that people through disabilities have complete access to the neighborhoods in which they live.

Refrigerated drinking fountains are situated at both the East and also West pavilion buildings alongside the restrooms. Tright here is a tap water fountain available near the public restrooms at the Bike Hub.

Food concessions are accessible at the Fountain Snack Bar from Memorial Day weekfinish via Labor Day Weekend. The Snack Bar is open up on Fridays from 11:30am – 8pm; Saturdays from 11am – 8pm; and also Sundays from 11am – 5pm. The Cafe is open up Tuesday-Fridays., 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM from June 1 through September 3, 2021.

There are interpretive exhibits scattered throughout the park celebrating Dayton Inventors, poets and the 1913 flood.

RTA Bus Routes 11, 16, 17, 18 & 19 and also the Flyer. 

Routes 11, 16, 17, 18 and 19 (south) and also the Flyer pass directly in front of the park. There is a bus speak (southbound) at Festival Plaza on Monument Avenue in between St. Clair and also Jefferboy roads. From Third and also Main highways, RiverScape MetroPark is three blocks north to Monument and also one block east into the park.

Note: RTA bus route 5, which usually services RiverScape MetroPark, is temporarily suspfinished start June 20, 2021.

A Link bike share station is easily accessible at the eastern finish of the park on Patterboy Blvd.

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The park is easily accessible by foot or bike on the Great Miami River and Mad River trails.

Discover more around the led trail network.

Memorial Day with Labor Day, rent a selection of multigear bicycles from RiverScape Rentals and also check out the region’s 300+ led off-street trails.

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In winter, ice skates are accessible to rent while the rink is open up.

Discover even more around the ice rink.

The park functions two sets of public restrooms. One set of infrastructure for guys and womales is situated at the interactive plaza. The others are at the Bike Hub. Separate restrooms are accessible for members of the Bike Hub.

Free wireless access is gave throughout the park. Bring a lappeak and make RiverScape your office for the day!

RiverScape plays an essential role in promoting Five Rivers’ mission of conservation. RiverScape draws hundreds of hundreds of human being to the riverfinancial institutions every year and provides an possibility to enhance public perceptions of the cleanliness, health and wellness and also species diversity of our waterways.

In 2015, coordinated a huge volunteer effort to refind freshwater mussels that may be influenced by the building of the RiverScape River Run project. Volunteers waded into the edge waters of the Great Miami to find the mussels, and also then relocated them by hand to deeper waters. The River Run project entails a low-head dam removal that boosts water accessibility, enhances safety and also restores the health and wellness of the ecomechanism.

The website of the pavilion and ice rink at RiverScape was a previous brownfield website. In 2010, this location was remediated and also converted to a beautiful expansion of the park designed to boost the vitality of downtown and improve personal connections with nature.

The Great Miami River that flows via the park is a great warmth water species fishery, through smallmouth and largemouth bass, panfish and also catfish.

Riffles, runs and also pools are the perfect habitat for fish and also the RiverScape River Run has every one of that and also more. The removal of the low dam and also the installation of the river features have developed terrific fishing and a good redevelopment spot for many type of types of individuals.

RiverScape is a haven for energetic reproduction and fitness. It sits at the facility of a network-related of more than 330 miles of led trails, perfect for running, walking or inline skating. These trails, via sweeping views of the Great Miami River, are used by many community groups for 5K runs and also walks. In summer, Saturday fitness programs are reserved on a regular basis in the pavilion. 

RiverScape is the perfect stop, whether you are passing through or simply beginning your workout. The park provides restrooms, water, areas to remainder and lockers to secure your valuables.

Located along the Great Miami River in downtvery own Dayton, this urban park can be an excellent area to watch migratory and resident birds such as good blue herons, waterfowl and also gulls and even pets such as beaver and snapping turtles.

Bald eagles have actually been spotted in the trees close to the confluence of the Mad and Great Miami rivers and soaring overhead as they scan the river for food.

Fabulous demonstration gardens blend aboriginal and also nonaboriginal plants, demonstrating exactly how travellers could incorporate pollinators to tempt wildlife.

RiverScape is a beautiful garden that includes hanging baskets, life-size freduced pots and beds overflowing with annuals, perennials and tropical plants. Many type of of the plants are labeled with botanical and prevalent names so that you can be influenced for your very own house garden. Urban dwellers via tiny spaces have specific landscaping needs and also constraints. Get motivation and also guidance from the plantings at RiverScape.

The fabulous demonstration gardens blfinish native and also nonindigenous plants, demonstrating how visitors could incorpoprice pollinators and also water-reliable varieties into their own gardens without sacrificing beauty.

Geocaching is an activity combining innovation and also nature, using worldwide positioning mechanism (GPS) devices to search for and also find “caches” hidden throughout the human being. Visit and also search by location to acquire started. Then head out on an adundertaking to find the geocaches surprise in this park.

RiverScape abounds through regional history. In reality, Founders’ Point, marked by the green-roofed gazebo at the river’s edge, is where the first settlers of Dayton arrived in 1796. RiverScape was established in 2001, but this riverfront had actually been site of Van Cleve Park for even more than 100 years.

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The park pays homage to our region’s innovative accomplishments through the Dayton Inventors River Walk, which contains seven creation stations along Monument Avenue and Patterboy Boulevard that celebrate Dayton innovations, sometimes in surprising ways. The brick medallions lead the method alengthy the walk, telling stories of other Dayton inventors. A medallion at the northeast edge of Key Street and also Monument Avenue marks Dayton as the Innovation Capital of the World, by virtue of the reality that Dayton has actually had more inventions per capita than any kind of city in the USA.

View more about the River Walk & Invention Stations

The park was likewise the website of the 1913 flood. Visit the historic markers on the fountain towers and plaques describing the results of the flood.

A big stone bench sits at the west finish of the park memorializing early on Daytonians that played an essential duty in the breakthrough of the city. This bench was commissioned by John H. Patterkid, founder of the NCR in 1925.

RiverScape pays tribute to the works of native Dayton poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. Several of his poems are etched in stone at the top of the staircase at the west finish of the park.

Visit Deeds Point to watch a bronze statue of Wilbur and also Orville Wbest as well as an aviation timeline exhibit that serves as an ongoing reminder of the importance of the Wbest Brothers and Dayton to aviation background. The park likewise has a monument — Dayton Peace Accord — that symbolizes the agreement for tranquility between Bosnia and also Herzegovina struck in 1995.

Grab your mittens, the youngsters, your sweetheart, your coemployees and also your friends and hit the ice! Sheltered under the extended pavilion, the Ice Rink provides a prolonged skating season from the Friday after Thanksproviding through February yearly.

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RiverScape is an outdoor location to discover out around all things and also a gateway to a strengthened connection with nature for people of varied ethnic cultures and backgrounds.

Sweeping views of and also up-cshed interactions via the Great Miami River improve visitors’ relationship with our regional watermethods and difficulty perceptions around the health and also species diversity of our watermeans.

Our swings are a famous place to catch a view of the river, particularly on a beautiful summer evening.

On warm summer days, kids can enjoy water play in the interenergetic fountains located in RiverScape’s Festival Plaza. Multiple fountain jets shoot water as high as 20 feet into the air choreographed to the sounds of family members friendly music. The fountains are open up Memorial Day with Labor Day, 11 AM to 8 PM, seven days a week. A snack bar via a selection of sweet treats is adjacent to the fountains and also is open in the time of fountain procedure.

Make sure to watch for the large river fountains, the Five Rivers Fountains of Light, close to the peak of every hour.

Discover even more about the Five Rivers Fountain of Light

Kids will certainly likewise enjoy discovering around neighborhood background on the Dayton Inventors River Walk, which has salso innovation stations along Monument Avenue and also Patterkid Boulevard that celebprice Dayton developments, sometimes in surpclimbing methods.

The park’s swings on height of the levy are likewise well-known with the bit (and big) ones.

It is not uncommon to see brightly colored kayaks and canoes (and also also an occasional stand-up paddle) on the river at RiverScape.

The 4-mile paddle dvery own the Mad River from Eastwood MetroPark is a well-known course for many kind of boaters. The expedition travels via the Mad River Run within Easttimber and quickly through two whitewater drops of the RiverScape River Run.

Discover even more around the River Run

In summer, paddlers have the right to soptimal under the refreshing waters of the in-river Five Rivers Fountains of Light for a cool off without leaving their boat!

Speak at the park for restrooms, water, locations to rest and also an ice cream cone. The fountain snack bar is open up everyday from Memorial Day with Labor Day, 11 AM-8 PM.

RiverScape pays tribute to the works of indigenous Dayton poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. Several of his poems are etched in rock at the top of the stairsituation at the west end of the park.

A bronze sculpture just west of the pavilion called “Happy Days,” by Prince Monyo Simon Mihailescu-Nasturel, illustprices playful youngsters running and argues youthful delight and household happiness, the type of fun the park is meant for.

The Invention Stations act as interactive and educational art in the park, teaching park visitors about our inventor background.

The nearly 1,000-foot mural painted on the north floodwall encountering RiverScape is the design of Dayton artist Amy Deal. Unveiled in 2015, it depicts tasks along the river, consisting of bicycling, hiking and also paddling.

Photographers love RiverScape! The park provides sweeping views of the city skyline and also Great Miami River, and showinstances the local partnership with water — from the kids frolicking in the interactive fountains and also bubbling canal pools to the huge Five Rivers Fountains of Light climbing at the confluence of the Mad and also Great Miami rivers. The park additionally provides a great area to capture the vibrancy of our urban core in the time of festivals, concerts and also fitness programs.

A permit is compelled for commercial photographers.

The Bike Hub structure at RiverScape is a silver level LEED-certified green structure. It accomplished this recognition for the use of recycled content in structure materials; administration of waste; sourcing from neighborhood assets to mitigate carbon eobjectives as well as efficient fixtures in restrooms; drip irrigation system; and also use of green cleaning products and also recycled paper assets.

Check out the green roof, permeable pavement and sustainable landscape areas.

The Ice Rink is for even more than simply skating. Each winter competitive broomsphere and also curling leagues meet each week in January and also February to gain Dayton’s biggest outdoor ice rink.

Broomsphere is a team sport wright here players wear shoes quite than skates and usage a “broom” (a stick shaped favor a broom) to relocate the sphere approximately the ice and score goals. Rules and also methods are similar to those of ice hocessential. Registration is $310 per team. To register your team, visit

Want to play an Olympic sport? Grab some friends and sign up for our curling league! This team sport entails sliding heavy, granite stones across the ice towards a marked targain while your teammates sweep the ice through brooms to transform its route. Curling is easily accessible to all physical ability levels and also no suffer is compelled. Registration is $480 per team. Visit to learn even more and to register your team.

Looking for a fun means to add to your and boost the top quality of suffer for future park patrons? There are a number of means to volunteer in your From tours to connecting through youngsters and adults to greeting guests or also tfinishing to the gardens at RiverScape, there’s a volunteer possibility to suit any kind of age, physical limitation, gender or skill level. Training is offered.

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New volunteers are always welcome! For more indevelopment, speak to (937) 275-PARK (7275) or visit our volunteer page.