There are currently 238 commercial listings accessible in Cambridge, MA. These listings include 137 commercial spaces that include a complete of 1,873,406 square feet. Available commercial spaces in Cambridge, MA range in dimension from 235 square feet come 177,226 square feet. A full of 157 off-market advertisement properties situated in Cambridge, MA space also obtainable for research.

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See Cambridge office price per sqft in 2020, together with vacancy rates, sales report, and construction stats.

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Cambridge has actually a robust and diverse economic climate fueled by a host of major medical, biotech, and also pharmaceutical companies, as well as its high concentration of successful startups originating in kendall Square.

Home come both Harvard and MIT, the city boasts an outstanding talent pool. As a result, companies such together Pfizer, Sanofi and Novartis — and nonprofit groups and also think tanks, such together the Lincoln institute of land Policy, the national Bureau of financial Research and also the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory— drivethe demand for commercial real estate nature in Cambridge.

Public transit in Cambridge is tackled by the Massachusetts Bay transport Authority (MBTA), i beg your pardon operates an underground quick transit system, buses and also commuter rail networks, and also water shuttles. The city additionally is serviced by the Charles River transportation Management company (CRTMA). U.S. Course 1 and I-93, path 2, path 16 and also the McGrath Highway (Route 28) also provide access into Cambridge.

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Cambridge, MA Commercial perform Breakdown

In 2021 the Cambridge, MA commercial actual estate market totaled 30,942,503 square feet the office spaces, 1,254,914 square feet of office spaces with retail, and 668,713 square feet of commercial space.

by square clip range:
50k to 100k SqFt 2,434,890 SqFt 7.87% of full office
100k to 500k SqFt 24,574,187 SqFt 79.42% of full office
500k to 1M SqFt 3,933,426 SqFt 12.71% of complete office

by class:
Class A 23,033,075 SqFt 74.44% of total office
Class B 4,724,348 SqFt 15.27% of complete office
Class C 168,459 SqFt 0.54% of total office

roughly 12.71% that the complete office an are in Cambridge, MA is made up of properties in between 500K to 1M square feet, and also buildings in between 50k come 100k square feet stand for 7.87% the the office inventory.Class A office room holds a 74.44% re-publishing of the in its entirety Cambridge, MA office market, while class B office assets make up about 15.27%.
by square footage range:
50k to 100k SqFt 548,545 SqFt 82.03% of full industrial
100k come 500k SqFt 120,168 SqFt 17.97% of full industrial

by class:
Class B 330,051 SqFt 49.36% of total industrial
Class C 338,662 SqFt 50.64% of total industrial

There space 120,168 square feet the commercial actual estate properties between 100k to 500k square feet, representing 17.97% of the Cambridge, MA industrial inventory.
through square footage range:
50k come 100k SqFt 124,480 SqFt 9.92% of total office v retail
100k to 500k SqFt 1,130,434 SqFt 90.08% of complete office through retail

variety of Available Listings
City Property Type Count of listings Total Sqft
Cambridge, MA Office 58 1,568,267
Cambridge, MA Retail 18 124,483
Cambridge, MA Industrial 3 128,656
Cambridge, MA Other 109 1,880,696







current local energetic listing encompass 3,702,102 square feet the commercial space for lease in Cambridge. There are 58 active office listings, which amount come 1,568,267 square feet and account because that 30% of advertisement spaces on the market. neighborhood retail ease of access includes 124,483 square feet across 18 listings. Present industrial offerings on the sector amount to 128,656 square feet throughout a full of 3.